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Why You Need To Swallow Momos With Care?

Momos are always a comfort food for most of us. Think about it, momos are this irresistibly soft and chewy ball filled with vegetables, meat or paneer that can be enjoyed as one of the best go-to street snacks. 

Recently, there was a health warning issued by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi concerning people gulping momos without even chewing them properly.

AIIMS recently published a report in the journal Forensic Imaging where it explained a rare case of a 50-year-old man dying after choking on a momo.

According to reports, a Delhi man, who was said to be drunk at the time, was brought dead to AIIMS after he suddenly collapsed to the ground while eating momos at a roadside stall. A momo was allegedly found stuck at the opening of the man’s windpipe.

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During the post-mortem, forensics found that the momo had choked his windpipe causing his death. The cause of death was neurogenic cardiac arrest due to choking of momos which were found at the laryngeal inlet.

Following this incident, the experts issued a ‘swallow with care’ warning so that people be safe rather than being sorry. 

This is a unique incident that made us aware of the implications of having momos quickly which can result in choking and even death in some cases.

Due to the slippery surface of momos, people often swallow it in haste without chewing.

This fundamental precautionary measure has to be taken so that we can keep enjoying our favourite snacks without putting ourselves in dangerous situations.

However, we can’t just simply give up on our comfort food due to incidents like this. It’s important to take these warnings seriously and never let ourselves be the victim of such incidents. 

Let’s not worry now and munch on our new plates of momos! Remember to chew slowly and ‘swallow with care.’

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