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What Were The 10 Things That Helped Johnny Depp In The Victory Trial? Explained!

The whole world remained shocked by the sad spectacle of watching the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation trial that rested more on the sympathies than facts about their relationship.

Amidst the chaos of “both sides” melodrama, it really took scrutinizing every word and body language for the jury to arrive at the conclusion in favour of Depp.

While Heard banked on the idea to get the world to sympathize with her tears and become the “public figure representing domestic abuse” in the era of #Metoo and cancel culture, the victory was imminent for Depp even before the verdict came. 

Depp, who had lost a trial earlier in Britain, knew that the court couldn’t be counted on to revive his reputation but clearly, the ambiguous nature of the dramatization by Heard perpetuated her own downfall.

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I believe that there were certain factors that gave an edge to Depp over Amber in his victory: 

1. Heard’s conduct in the courtroom was marked by questionable statements and pleas for sympathy through fake tears that undermined her own credibility. 

2. Depp claimed that his finger injury from having a vodka bottle being thrown at him by Heard has permanently affected his ability to play the guitar making him the real victim of domestic violence. 

3. Heard brought false pieces of evidence regarding bruises inflicted by Depp. However, forensic lab experts confirmed that the photos were explicitly edited since they don’t match forensically and underwent transformation through a rendering program.

4. Several voice notes and text messages during the span of their marriage proved domestic violence inflicted on Depp, especially the one where Heard is seemingly taunting Depp -” Tell them, Johnny, tell them….I am a victim of domestic violence and see how many people believe or side with you.” Needless to say, this evidently proved Amber Heard as a liar.

5. Heard’s malice with false statements was unveiled when Kate Moss, Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend, denied claims made by Amber about Kate being pushed down the stairs by Depp when they were dating. She instead revealed that she fell down the stairs in Jamaica and was instead given medical attention by Depp. 

6. One of the major factors for the victory comes from the fact that in the UK, the trial was before a judge where Depp lost earlier but in the US, the defamation trial took place in front of a jury who was given sufficient evidence regarding false claims from Heard. 

7. The American Trial was televised and accounted for opinions worldwide and billions of people treated it like a reality show with each reaction being monitored and analysed, giving an idea about which side is more honest. 

8. Depp’s lawyers alongside a band of forensic experts tactically approached the matter to bring evidence regarding Amber being a liar and posing with ambiguous and faulty statements. 

9. The jury unanimously agreed that Heard could not substantiate her allegations based on the claims she made that ultimately resulted in public backlash. 

10. The jury determined that Amber acted with actual malice when writing her op-ed and people’s criticisms of her conduct did not create an impressionable idea about her claims either.

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