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Twitter : 140 characters of controversy


Without social media, we’d have no platform to post our selfies, stay informed about our friends’ whereabouts or to stalk our ex(es). We also wouldn’t have these sometimes funny, sometimes downright depressing controversies to look at. Social media is the new drama generator. Building a controversy out of 140 characters is no easy fete. So I bring to you the gurus themselves, stirring up debates, one tweet at a time.

  1. V.K. Singh

His slur came after a row over his remark that media finds his job of directing the evacuation of Indians from Yemen less exciting than his representing the government at the Pakistan High Commission on the neighbouring country’s national day.

  1. Shobha De

When celebrity author Shobha De took to twitter to express her angst against the BJP-Sena government’s diktat to all multiplexes in Maharashtra to daily exhibit Marathi movies between 6 and 9 PM, little did she know it would invite Sena’s ire to stage a protest outside her house today. She kept her followers posted throughout the day.

And well, since she is Shobha De, she doesn’t hesitate from posting such masala tweets.

  1. V.K. Singh + Shobha De

And then to the delight of TRP mongers, this happened.

Reacting to V.K. Singh’s #presstitude remark, she posted these earlier today. Not one to mince her words, this lady !

  1. Rishi Kapoor

The actor tweeted about exercising a personal choice and keeping religion out of meal choices and politics, leading to a strong reaction from both sides – those who see beef as a non-issue and those who feel strongly against it. It compelled the actor to qualify and clarify his stand on the issue in multiple tweets through much of Monday as well as Tuesday. He was still replying to some tweets on the issue yesterday.

What started off as a sensible post on expressing his opinion, spinned out of control in a series of tweets. Perhaps, he got carried away in justifying every last tweet of his. So much so, that now I’m confused about what to make out of these tweets.

  1. Rishi Kapoor (again !)

When he tried to take a stand for representation of women in the Parliament, this is what ensued :

Maybe he should construct his tweets better to prevent them from being misconstrued. Every successive tweet of his just leaves me more confused and perplexed.

  1. Ola Cabs

So when a customer, Seelam Veerapa Naidu tweeted to Ola Cabs yesterday and demanded that they allow him to choose his drivers, because “being a Hindu, he preferred a Hindu driver”, this is how the company handled it :


Along with my respect, this tweet earned Ola some appreciation from rival cab rental company, Uber.


  1. Kamaal R Khan

Now, he needs no introduction. Every post of his is aimed at creating furore over whatever’s trending. His twitter feed is an internet crapfest, the likes of which few have lived to see. He posted this hours ago about the IPL 8, Delhi Daredevils vs Chennai Super Kings match  :

I can’t fathom how he even comes up with such posts. If we were to maintain a tweet defaulters’list, he’d be a regular.

So take a hint from our stalwarts and make sound use of the social platform to express your opinion. Be idiot proof. Try to restrain yourself from abusing the social media, it bites back.

Happy tweeting !

Navni Bhatia
Navni Bhatia
Navni Bhatia, protector of the realm of all things quirky, has a fetish for cute stationary and is annoyingly similar to Monica Geller.



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