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Road Trip To Vagamon- The Heaven And Paradise Of Kerala


Vagamon is a serene, peaceful, adventurous yet a calm place to relax the mind and body. It is one of the most loved points of interest in Kerala. A hill station often termed as heaven and a paradise. It has become one of the most popular touring locations in Kerala amongst the people of all age groups and backgrounds.

Studded & surrounded by meadows, large tea estates, famous pine forests, landscapes and mystical mountains with bright green hills, Vagamon is circulated between three striking hills Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala, each representing the religion of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity for cultural and religious harmony.

Started from Pala (2 hour from Kochi International Airport)

I headed to Vagamon with my friends on two bikes from Pala (one of the popular towns in Kerala). We drove uphill, the road had lots of hairpin turns which was really thrilling to experience on a bike.


Vagamon is situated at the border of the Western Ghats and 1,100 meters above the sea in the Kottayam-Idukki border of Idukki district of Kerala. The nearest city from Vagamon is Elappara(14 KM from Vagamon). But you can find lots of homestays, hotels and resorts in Vagamon.  Vagamon has not been touched with the extreme shadow of commercialization (yet), so we loved the peaceful environment.

Pine Forest

Pine forest is like 4 Km away from the Vagamon town, and is often termed as one of the calmest tourism spots in Vagamon.


It is breathtaking, spectacular and stupendous, covering an area of over one hundred acres that are home to more than thirty species of bird and is under the jurisdiction of the state forestry department.

The Vagamon Suicide Point

The thrill of adrenaline rushing amidst the beauty of nature is unforgettable. As the name suggests, the Vagamon Suicide point is a V-shaped gorge from where one can view the deep-seated valley which appears so low that it looks similar to an abyss. One of the most wonderful experiences is the enchanting view of the summit from the top after a strenuous trekking.

Vagamon Kurisumala

Reaching the Vagamon Kurisumala will be through a spiritual trek atop Kurisumala where one of the most beautiful, stunning and soulful Syro Malankara Catholic church of the Cistercian monastery lies. The trekking took one hour and on reaching, the view was similar to that from a helicopter and an absolute spiritual bliss.


It is a place suited for both devotees and non-devotees. The serene mood of tranquility that will be set from the way starting from the Ashram till the Church is a must–have experience.

Returning Through The Barren Hills

Vagamon being a hill station, houses some of the most stunning hills for those who visit. The Barren hills of Kolahalamedu are one of them.

It was raining during our hike and I must say the Barren hills look at its prime after a rainfall when the hills are covered in mist and the small valleys covered in the velvet of greens. It is also suitable for the thrill seekers looking for paragliding activities and cliff jumping.

Best Time to Visit Vagamon 

Vagamon has a general cool climate where the temperature ranges from 10°C to 23°C during the summers while the winters have a soothing wind and a slight chill. While for those who love monsoon, Vagamon should be visited between the months of June to August when after a downpour the hill station is adorned with the mystical layers of mist which make the forests and the hills look like one of the most phenomenal and extraordinary scenes.

How to Reach Vagamon

While making your travel plans to Vagamon it is best to know the routes to all the must-visit places. The closest airport to Vagamon is the Cochin International Airport. The nearest railway station is Kottayam. If you are coming to Vagmon by train, the Kottayam railway station is the closest at a distance of 44 km.

A Trip to Remember

It was really a good break for me from work, a day well spent enjoying the calm and mesmerizing natural beauty . Well, I am planning a family trip to Vagamon, this december.


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