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The San Diego Comic-Con International – A Round Up


While the SDCC might sound like a corrupt government body at first glance, it is in fact one of the greatest events of modern times, the San Diego Comic-Con. It was inaugurated in 1970, and since then has seen lakhs of nerds normal people attend its various panels and stalls.

This year’s Convention was probably one of the highly anticipated one in years, and it certainly lived up to its expectations. Well, without further ado, let me present the winners and losers of this year’s Comic-Con, in my valued opinion as the proud owner of a 1988 Batman: The Killing Joke comic book.


  1. The Horror Genre

While this genre has only recently been seen in India, mainly thanks to KRK’s dismal attempts at acting, this year’s Comic-Con saw a scary rise in the popularity of Horror TV Series. Ash vs Evil Dead, The Walking Dead, Outcast, Hannibal, et al set the tone for the year and bewitched the audience with its magic. Ash vs Evil Dead was particularly awesome to look at.

 ash vs evil dead

  1. The Suicide Squad Trailer

It didn’t mesmerize me. It just impressed me really, really bad.
The Suicide Squad trailer took the internet by storm, by giving a firsthand look into the ragtag brand of evil threats to society (not to be confused with the people who send Good Morning messages on Whatsapp). After seeing its trailer, I am so hyped about the whole concept and can’t wait to see how it’s been executed.

It certainly succeeded in showing off its stellar star cast, and even gave us a glimpse of the Joker (and Batman).

suicide squad

  1. Supergirl

Move over, Man of Steel. Actually, don’t, your trailer was also pretty epic. However, the new girl on the block blew up in this year’s Comic-Con, and has garnered a huge fan base amongst everyone who was looking for a relatable Superhero and tired of the usual male archetype. Superman’s lesser known cousin has steamrolled her way into Comic-Con, and into the hearts of creepy guys in the basement all over the world.


  1. Deadpool

If you have heard of Deadpool, then you know I don’t have to write anything.
If you haven’t, then you ought to.
The trailer had a scene in the end. That scene involved 1 bullet and 3 dead bodies with their heads blown off.




  1. Minority Report

The show based on Spielberg’s cult movie reportedly failed to impress the minority, let alone the majority.

The audience was genuinely amused at it, and even I couldn’t fail to see that it wasn’t destined for the long run.

minority report

  1. Fantastic 4

Fantastic 4 turned out to be a fantastic fail. People, who had already been treated to the best of the Marvel and DC Universe, were understandably underwhelmed by the Fantastic 4 presentation. Maybe it’s just one of those themes that just won’t work, no matter how much we try.

After all, would you buy from McDonald’s if you just ate from Bukhara?


  1. Jared Leto

While the Suicide Squad trailer might have set the grapevine abuzz, Mr. Leto himself didn’t leave much of an impression on the fans.

However, I am not too concerned.

Like a politician after the elections, people who portray the joker completely do the opposite of what’s expected of them.

Same thing happened with Ledger, and look what’s happened. Leto has the huge responsibility of playing a role which has so much expectation riding with it. Methinks he will do well.



  1. T. H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents





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