The Delhi Smog Still Exists: Protect Yourself From The Cancerous Air

It’s been eight days since ‘THE SMOG’ (as it is being referred now) descended on Delhi and it still refuses to go. The health warning issued by the government has raised the pollution level to emergency. While steps have been taken to improve the air conditions all seems in vain.

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Why did THE SMOG happen?

Pollution level during Diwali was expected to rise and Delhi was equipped to deal with it, says Delhi Health Minister Kapil Singh. However, the burning of fields in Punjab and Haryana in massive scale during and after Diwali caused this incessant rise in pollutants.

Almost 300 fires broke out in Delhi alone, imagine the amount of smoke in the environment right now! The two major pollutants in the air right now are PM2.5 is trapped in the atmosphere and unable to get out due to the dense smog.

American Embassy in India conducted air quality test on 3rd November and found 1600 micrograms per cubic metre as opposed to the normal 100 micrograms per cubic metre.

The pollution monitoring agency has recommended people to avoid all outdoor physical activity when air quality is rated “severe” like this morning. People with heart or lung diseases, older adults, and children are advised to remain indoors and keep activity levels low.

The chances of contracting Bronchitis or Lung cancer has increased tenfold. But we all know getting holidays because of this Delhi smog is a dream that can never come true. Schools were closed down for a day but oh! Smog did not go away in a day.

Colleges are open and so are the offices so naturally staying indoors is not an option. THE DELHI SMOG may be vicious but these are some easy steps to help you cope with THE SMOG:

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How to combat with THE DELHI SMOG-

    –Use the N95 respirator:

The N95 filters almost 95% of the airborne particles. Major pollutants in the air right now is PM2.5 which was found to be maximum around Anand Vihar and Saket. Use N95 while you are in contact with the smog and make sure that the respirator is not shraed among people.

    –Use wet cloth:

While out in direct contact of smog cover your face, especially your eyes with a wet cloth. Reports of itchiness and burning sensation being experienced by the people is common therefore wet clothes should be used as it absorbs the particles in the air and prevents itching of the eyes.

    –Consume food that boosts immunity:

Include garlic in your diet and consume large amounts of Vitamin E. The chances of contracting diseases decrease if the immune system is strong. The inhalation of smog affects the amount of Vitamin E in our bodies hence it is important to consume foods rich in Vitamin E like Almonds, Spinach, Sweet Potato and Vegetable Oil.

If already been in the smog for long hours, you need to de-toxify yourself:

-Breathing exercises like various yoga exercises help in regulating the functions of the body.

-Consume boiled water. It helps in de-toxifying your lungs.

It is definitely hard to live a life in constant haze but it is primarily our fault that THE SMOG happened and we have to bear the consequences. THE DELHI SMOG is just the beginning of what will happen if do not get our act together quickly.

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