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Recruiters Could Reject You Immediately If Your CV Is Written By ChatGPT, Claims Study

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ChatGPT, a platform launched by OpenAI has taken over the world since it was started last year, growing ever quickly in popularity.

From having conversations to answering almost every question to translations and more, ChatGPT is being used more and more for various things across one’s daily life. Apparently, that includes using the platform to write one’s Curriculum vitae (CV), cover letters and more when applying for jobs.

As per a CNBC report, a ResumeBuilder.com survey held in February revealed that “nearly half (46%) reported using ChatGPT to write their resume or cover letter.”

The survey also found that the success rate was pretty high with this, with 70% of the candidates noticing a higher response rate on their application and 59% of such people getting hired too.

However, now, a new study is claiming that depending too heavily on the platform might not be as beneficial as thought.

What Did The Study Say?

A recent study held by iCIMS, a talent cloud company found out that HR (human resource) professionals are not very happy with ChatGPT or AI being used by applicants and consider them a dealbreaker.

iCMIS in their latest 8th edition of the ‘Class of’ report, one that is published annually, surveyed college students and recent graduates about the upcoming trends and phenomenons in the job-seeking sector.

The report is meant for human resource departments to understand the new workforce better and also give their own statements on what new employees should look out for.

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As per the study, among various concerns and opinions, it was found that new graduates are increasingly happy with using AI such as ChatGPT to help with their resume writing

As many as 47% of college seniors stated that they were more than happy to use ChatGPT or similar AI tools to write their CVs, cover letters and more while 25% of the GenZ claimed to have already used AI bots for this use.

But the dependency is not liked by actual HR professionals who are instantly wary of such candidates given that 39% of them claimed that they would give a job to an applicant that used AI tech during the hiring process.

The fact that these AI bots could create misleading information or unscrupulous developers be involved in the process of it, HR departments are not very comfortable with applicants using such methods to gain a job. And doing so could reportedly get an application rejected immediately, raising red flags among the hiring department.

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