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PICTOFEST’24 By Pune Institute of Computer Technology Is The Perfect Escape From The Monotony Of Student Life



Pictoreal, the arts and cultural club of Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT) are thrilled to announce its first-ever intercollegiate event – PICTOFEST’24! The perfect escape from hectic and monotonous study schedules, this vibrant event provides an ideal platform for all art and photography enthusiasts to exhibit their talents and win grand prizes!

Pictofest is set to host a dynamic array of competitions and interactive workshops, curated to immerse participants in practical learning guided by expert artisans. Students and teachers from various colleges across Pune are invited to participate and showcase their talent and creativity in this fun-filled event.

The event encompasses a wide range of activities. The main attraction of PICTOFEST is ‘PICS-O-REEL’ – an Art & Photography exhibition-cum-competition accepting entries from students as well as faculty members across categories like drawing/sketching, photography, and digital art.

This year also has a special theme, ‘Colors Of Emotions’ and the participants can submit various artworks they deem fit to the theme. The entries collected will be exhibited at the PICT campus on the 23rd and 24th of February for everyone to gaze at. The winners from each category will be decided through an anonymous voting process which will be powered by the club’s online voting system built by the members of the Pictoreal Tech team.

Apart from Pics-O-Reel, the event also includes competitions like Meme-Making and Creative Writing which will be conducted virtually and are free for all to participate in. The theme for these events will be disclosed on 16th February and participants will have 3 full days to submit their entries for the respective competitions. Participating in these events is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your remarkable wit and creativity as well as explore your skill sets.

Pictofest has an exhilarating Trivia Contest and an Adventurous Treasure Hunt aptly called “Lost In Pieces”. These events are thrilling showdowns between teams, testing their coordination and collective general knowledge to the fullest. Teams will navigate through elimination rounds, fueled by their teamwork, all vying for the coveted prizes that await the triumphant champions.

The first day will also host the “Play with Clay,” and  “Mastering Blender” workshops followed by a seminar on Film Production conducted by one of the event sponsors – ‘ALP Productions’, a media house having internationally acclaimed short films. The day will conclude with ‘Taare Zameen Par’ which will recreate the iconic scene from the movie with an open-air painting activity free for all to join and unleash their creativity.

Workshops on Day 2 raise the bar even higher with the amazing workshop on ‘Resin Art’ and the second batch of ‘Mastering Blender’. The Resin Art workshops will provide participants with a hands-on opportunity to craft their personalized artifacts using epoxy, paints, and ink in colourful patterns and designs. Furthermore, the final showdown of the Team Trivia Contest will commence on Day 2 followed by the prize distribution ceremony where winners of all events will be awarded exciting prizes and certificates.

The journey towards Pictofest’s grand spectacle commenced nearly a month ago, igniting fervor with the assembly of dedicated coordination teams. Every detail has been meticulously crafted. Energized by passion, our club members embarked on a spirited campaign, canvassing major colleges from February 5th to 8th, igniting enthusiasm among artists and amateurs alike.

The registrations for Pictofest have already begun! Secure your spot for the plethora of events by visiting our official website at www.pictofest.in and immerse yourself in a world of art, learning, and fun.

The event is one of the most anticipated intercollegiate events in Pune which promises to be a stress-relieving experience for all students and and a source of lifelong memories for all participants and visitors alike.

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