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Must Visits for a Shopaholic


By Vageesha Bainwala

intro_markets_0Does your heart beat increase manifold on seeing the word “SALE”? Are you unable to control yourself from buying the latest collection every time, even though you have no place in your wardrobe? Is it that while traveling, the first thing on your to do list is shopping? Is your wallet empty and have your credit cards reached the limit? And your answer to every above question is YES? If it so, then you are suffering from the Compulsive Buying disorder that is, you are a shop-a-holic. And I promise to pamper this interest of yours.

People generally have the tendency to go to the Wal-Mart or a high- figh mall to shop when they are traveling . But if you are in want of a true shopping experience of the destination, street markets are your one stop solution. Street markets have been the center of commerce for centuries. Visiting the street markets of the area adds to the authentic experience of learning about the place. No one better than the small vendors with Tuta Futa English but Faratedaar local language can give you a toast of their local flavour. You might have planned a sightseeing visit to the market but there is a fair chance you will end up with stuffed shopping bags in your hand. Such addictive are these markets. Take a token of your visit, buy their handicrafts, see what locals are eating and add lots and lots to your knowledge. This is what the street markets do. Below given street markets are few which you cannot afford to missing while visiting these tourist destinations:-

  1. St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

Toronto the capital of Canada boasts of the best street market which makes every other competitor jealous. The market is 200 years old. St Lawrence has speciality vendors selling artisan foods, organic meats and vegetables, and many other locally grown or handcrafted goods. The unique thing about this Toronto street market is that it also gives tourist the chance to view the art and culture of the place along with local shopping. This place is a haven for art lovers.

2. La Boqueria, Barcelona

Barcelona the hotspot tourist destination of Spain with sandy beaches and European architecture is not behind in the street market race. Boqueria is one place known for its food stalls along with the shopping arena. All the foodies cum shop-a-holics, this is just the right place for you.

3. Chandni Chowk, Delhi

chandni_marketChandni Chowk the heart of the capital of India. For every Delhite the place holds a special attachment. Narrow streets where even two people cannot walk comfortably side by side, vendors shouting on the top of their voices “zari sarees, thok suits….”defines the area. It is actually possible to buy anything in Chandni Chowk: from made-to-order wedding dresses to exotic fruits to refurbished second-hand shoes. Each alley of this buzzing retail district holds something that is either unforgettable or simply unbelievable. And yes the typical North Indian street food to look out for.



4. Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

South East Asian countries can never remain behind. And Bangkok the capital of Thailand in itself is known for a shopping destination, so how cannot it have a great street market. It is one of the largest weekend markets of world. This place is a souvenir-hunter’s dream, with all sorts of exotic crafts, antiques and collectables for sale, alongside live animals, socks and boxer shorts, and virtually anything else you could want or need. The market is a no smoking zone so amidst thousands of scents a cigarette smoke will not at all trouble you.Bangkok

5. Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakeh marketThe Marrakech is a maze of streets. You enter here and you exit at some different corner. That’s the beauty of the most authentic shopping option in Magreb. The popularity is so high that it has been an integral part of travel literature and films for decades. With the acknowledgement of the best attraction in North Africa, it gives you an unlimited range. Whether it may be handmade sandals or an authentic Moroccan meal or a souvenir, all is on display over here on walls.

The places have a lot in store for you. Plan a trip soon to a famous street market and get a first-hand experience. Go, spend a day which you will cherish for lifetime, I promise!


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