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An App That Makes Your Videos Super Awesome & Smooth – Hyperlapse- App Of The Week


By Priyansu Ganguly

Ever envied those professional videographers at how they could create seamless stable videos? Sure you have! Microsoft comes to the party with yet another cool app, Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile, an app designed to convert time-lapse videos into smooth stable watchable ones.

Say goodbye to pre-loaded image/video stabilizing apps, Hello Hyperlapse. Launched for Windows and Android apps, Hyperlapse is available on the Google Play Store as well as the Windows Store.


How It Works: 

Not surprisingly, gyroscopic or accelerometer data features (the phone dependent features that usually are used to bring that special feel) cease to be used in Hyperlapse Mobile, contrary to the iOS counterpart launched by Instagram. Microsoft, rather takes the aid of Software algorithm data, to stabilize images (making up your video), thereby delivering cleaner, sharper and more stable videos in its quest. Here’s where it scores, unlike other editing apps that concern themselves with the overlying facets only.

Face Recording yields great results, as the process involves stitching together of pixels, thereby giving a complete idea of what is a flawless recording with minimal disturbance.

What I Do: 

The user has the options of recording a video with Hyperlapse on, or editing/stabilizing pre-recorded videos. Video speed is set to default, although adjustable. The former turns out to be more exciting, adjusting itself to the ambience and setting filters and effects accordingly.

However speeds once set, applies throughout the video, without the much-needed option of resetting the speed at critical junctures. Or else, easier still, import an already recorded video. Alter a few defaults, and you have a moderated version. Works fine in low lighted conditions as well.



A huge advancement, if you ask me, in the field of time-lapse Video Recording. It satisfies and guarantees a better recording experience, if not viewing.

  1. Simple user techniques, as simple as using simple apps like Retrica or Instagram.
  2. Easy-to-share features, edited/recorded videos easily get uploaded to social media and the web.
  3. Video import facilities make Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile a must have for all who love to be behind the lens (and in front of it).



  1. UI could have been far better.
  2. The biggest challenge the Developers face is to include more features. It’s meant to be a simple lightweight app, but lack of features makes it a bore.
  3. Speed tracking systems irritate.
  4. from the Web is a pain.
  5. The app promises much, but fails to live up when faced with critical slow videos. You feel like you could have used another stabilizer.



If you’re recording speedy videos, with lack of faces and elements in your frame, be prepared for getting that extra punch of 3D effect while recording with Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile. Cool, isn’t it??

Will you use this app? Tell us in the comments below.


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