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‘If You’re Underpaid, It’s Your Fault,’ Engineer Slams Internal Appraisals As A Joke

In a very recent post on Twitter, an engineer shared a harsh reality about salary and appraisal in Indian companies, saying that shifting jobs is beneficial for the employees.

The Truth Bomb:

In a recent post, Akshay Saini, a Dehradun-based engineer, took to X, (formerly Twitter) to share the “hard truth”, which said that switching jobs is the only way out for employees to get high salaries and why internal appraisals in companies were a “joke”. 

The post became very relatable for staffers who are disincentivized and forced to look for other jobs when it comes to salary improvements.

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Adding on, the engineer stressed the importance of salary in improving the quality of work and said that the employee was at fault if he or she was getting underpaid. 

However, the concluding lines of the post also said, DISCLAIMER: Only switch your job if you really are underpaid. Don’t be GREEDY. PS. Greed has no cure.”

The Reaction Of Netizens:

The post got a lot of views and comments, mainly because the appraisal season is going on. The most awaited time of the year, the appraisal season, is when employees sit down with their managers for the annual performance review, which if good, the salary is increased.  

However, the appraisal season is a phrase that creates severe anxiety among employees who have put in so much hard work and time in delivering results consistently and have bills to pay. 

True. I switched and job in 6 months. Reached 6.5LPA . Now switching again after 45 days. Expecting 9.6LPA.God has been gracious,” said one user. 

Be aspirational between 20 to 30. 99% Indian IT companies internal appraisal is eyewash. `Love your job not your company,” commented another.

Always keep upgrading yourself with your domain expertise spending personal time in reading etc. know your value in company and salary that u deserve… If current company not ready to pay it others will pay. Keep yourself updated with demand and supply scenario of your expertise,” said a third one. 

At least every 2 years, you should get interviewed and get an offer; this will help you to understand yourself and your skills demand at the current rate and ask your existing org to match. If they do, works for both,” suggested a fourth.

It is no secret that the Indian workforce is dissatisfied with their salaries and wages, especially amidst the approaching economic slowdown. However, the situation is not so green on the other side as well, as even the employers are biting their nails at such times. 

Shark Tank judge and CEO of Sugar Cosmetics, Vineeta Singh revealed in an interview, “The 1st day of the month is the scariest day for every entrepreneur“. She said so because it is on that day that the duty of paying salaries kicks in, and that duty becomes all the more difficult when the sales in that month aren’t good.

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