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I Rewatched ‘How I Met Your Mother’ After 4 Years And My Feelings Have Completely Changed

Remember How I Met Your Mother?

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The finale of nine-seasoned How I Met Your Mother was aired in 2014 and at the time it was critiqued as the worst ending season of a TV series. The Guardian called it the latest show to fail in the search for a perfect ending.

It was in 2014 only when I decided to watch and then binge watch the entire show in a span of one month. Being a fresher I loved the setting, the character portrayal, and the randy Stinson. Four years later, I rewatched it and here’s what my feelings are now:

Ted is an idiot

First and foremost, Ted is an idiot. He is the stupidest character in any mainstream buzz show. The problem is, he has too many feelings. He prioritizes love over work/career/logic, something which the millennial generation can’t even think of doing. Ted Evelyn Mosby runs behind a person, a feeling, too much. His desperation level has no bounds and it takes five minutes and one vulnerable girl to make him fall in love.

Hence, Ted’s character isn’t relatable or fun. It is unintelligent and borderline brainless.

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No Barney, No HIMYM

Coming to Barney Stinson, he is still the star of the show. He was four years ago, he still is. It is absolutely unimaginable to picture the series without his character. If it weren’t for his existence, the show would have been a flop. And it isn’t just about his playboy appearance. Neil Patrick Harris’ acting skills are amazing, it stands out.

And that is the weakness of the show. Its success trails around Harris and only Harris.

Horrible actors

One has to admit that the actors were horrible or were non-actors. Except for Neil Patrick Harris, none seemed to be interested in putting their acting skills to work, assuming they had any. Especially Alyson Hannigan who played Lily Aldrin. She overacts to such an extent that it is physically painful to watch. I wonder what the director saw in her or didn’t.

Of course, during the course of the show they learned acting; ten years is too long a time.

The show isn’t funny anymore

It is entertaining. But does it have rewatchability factor? No. Most of the jokes are so probable. You can practically see it coming. And comedy strives on surprise which HIMYM fails to provide.

It’s funny once, not twice. Unlike Friends which I have watched like five times. (Yes, I love wasting time)

The ending just doesn’t make sense

The Ted finding his perfect match thing has been stretched like a chewing gum, the juicy part is done with and now it’s just bland and you’re chewing for the sake of chewing. It almost seemed like the creator started it as a joke, but now it got too hyped and elongated that they had to make sense to it so they instead f*cked up in chaos.

My experience of it can be summed up as: How I Met Your Mother is a nice series to watch once. It’s certainly entertaining but it lacks sense, logic, and maturity even for comedic purpose. It is unnecessarily lengthy and I am almost certain that this was the last time I watched it, maybe in the next four years.

Watching How I Met Your Mother in your teenage years was a treat, a good experience. Watching it in your adult years is just a bad decision.

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Sources: The Guardian, New York Times and Rotten Tomatoes

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