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So stealing the thunder of Delhi elections, “badhti mehengai” , earthquakes and bomb-blasts, the recently announced split of Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan became a cause of much debate and analysis.

Magazines and online sites have left no stone unturned in decoding the reason behind it and giving important conclusions from Hrithik’s ill health to Suzanne’s involvement with Arjun Rampal. Celebrities like Karan Johar, Preity Zinta and even the duo (ex) themselves have been issuing constant warnings that the media stay away from the family in “these trying times”.

Although their need for privacy is completely justifiable but the harsh reality is that there’s a huge pile of responsibilities that come with being a star (an Indian Greek God in this case). Everything from your recent vacation to your eating habits, is everybody’s business, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it because we, the people, your fans, we have the power to make or break you.

So, no, the media won’t listen because they freaking get paid to write this crap, and no, you did not have any right to go around calling it quits like that.

Because when we read the front page of the newspaper on 13th December, a tiny little part inside us died- that part that believed that teenage romances do exist outside A Walk To Remember and maybe High School Musical; that small little voice inside our heads that said if guys fall in love with girls crossing roads on traffic lights, then there IS somebody out there for us too; that little promise of Forever and always that we believed in because of you, that died too.

You made us believe in all this crap and now you’ve made us believe that all this is crap.

So Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


All girls between the age of 10 and 80 who ever read your fairytale love story and were stupid enough to believe in it.

A History Hons. student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, I live to travel. And travel.



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