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From INR 1,500 Stipend to Doing Six Figure Launches


When the entire country was struggling with massive unemployment, there was a young dreamer who went from earning INR 1500 a month in India to scaling six-seven-figure businesses at a global level. Following a value-based approach along with extreme determination, Ajay Rai has proven that you can be successful within a short time span from the comfort of your home.

Ajay Rai Goes Virtual At An International Level From Home

Ajay isn’t counting on the location of a fancy office to gain profit in business. Leveraging the power of expanding online business, Ajay started helping clients scale their coaching business. In simple terms, the coaches had the knowledge that could benefit a lot of people. Ajay helped them connect to the right audience and thus, played a major role in scaling their business.

According to him, the best thing about doing an online business is that you can sell your skill all over the world. That’s exactly what he did and now he has clients from the US, Netherlands, London, Denmark, Germany, and so on.

The Not So Glamorous, Yet Inspiring Backstory of Ajay Rai

Ajay doesn’t come from a family of business tycoons. His father is a teacher and his mother is a nurturing homemaker. They always wanted him to work at a big multinational company or take up a government job. Ajay did his B.Tech. from Punjab and worked for some time in a company at a mediocre monthly income. But within a year, he realized that it wasn’t the place where his full potential lies. That’s when he took the decision of quitting his job.

But disaster struck when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing. Securing another job wasn’t a piece of cake anymore. Watching his own struggle along with others dealing with unemployment, he had an idea of earning through online business and providing employment to others. He started out alone and gradually, other skilled talents joined him in his venture. Now, he is the CEO of Upcoach, a company that provides Facebook advertising, funnel building, along with many other useful services to scale other online businesses.

Ajay used the honest testimonials of his initial clients and showed them to potential clients. This helped him gain more business at a rapid pace. He believes that the most important factor that contributes to virtual success is to constantly provide value. That’s exactly what he did for all his clients which is why his testimonials section is filled with success stories from all over the world!

Giving Back To The Community

Ajay believes in giving back to the community and helping the underprivileged. A major portion of his income goes towards the less fortunate. His company Upcoach also constantly spreads awareness to those who are interested in making online business their full-time income. It’s appreciable how at the early age of 25, Ajay has made his mark in the online business world. Thanks to him, making it big online is not a dream anymore!

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