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Fodder For Scam


Bhak burbak

Lalu Prasad Yadav has finally been convicted in the fodder scam amounting to about 9.5 billion rupees. The irony is too obvious to miss. He had once said – Jharkhand will be separated from Bihar over my dead body. Today he is imprisoned in a Ranchi jail.

Read this article by a bihari on what makes Lalu a bigger villain than any other politician involved in numerous scam.

Lalu Prasad Yadav was an awful politician and there is not even an iota of doubt about it. He literally ate up whatever little was left in Bihar. He and his council of ministers were one of the most degraded groups of all times. He promoted his brothers, brother in laws and other relatives to top posts shamelessly. He appointed his middle school pass wife the chief minister of Bihar. He was the chief architect of the MY (Muslim-Yadav) equation in Bihar. He was involved in numerous scams, Flood relief and Fodder scam being the major ones. But then that’s what every politician in India does. Lalu is like any modern day politician out on a money hunting expedition. But there is one thing that makes Lalu a bigger villain than any other politician.

Lalu destroyed the reputation of an entire state. Lalu made Biharis an object of public ridicule. Biharis were reduced to an emblem of poverty, population and corruption. Whenever a Bihari student opened his mouth in an Engineering or Management college elsewhere in India, people expected him to speak in a certain accent. They expected him to speak like Lalu. He was expected to be lacking civic sense. The term Bihari itself became a swearword.

Bihariyon ke jaise kapde pahanna
Bihariyon ke jaise baat karna
Bihariyon ke jaise dikhna

And if someone looked and dressed decently, had civic sense and conversed in appropriate accent, he was one of those “Tum Bihari nahi lagte” kinds.

Remember this old joke:

Japanese PM to Lalu: Give us Bihar and we will make a Japan out of it in 10 years.
Lalu to Japanese PM: Humko Japan dijiye, usko Hum ek saal mein Bihar bana doonga

That’s what Lalu did. He destroyed the reputation of Bihar. The fodder scam verdict is not just a relief to the corruption stricken nation but is also a sigh of relief for over ten crore people. I am one of them as well.

[This article has been taken from the popular FB page ‘The Frustrated Indian”. Here is the link.]



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