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Our Bloggers Fight It Out As One Loves Sheldon Cooper And One Hates Him


By Aastha Anupriya & Siddharth Sharma

The Big Bang Theory has a great ensemble cast with six leads and quite a few recurring characters. Each one of them is one of a kind, yet, there’s something about Dr. Sheldon Cooper that has us in front of the screen watching reruns of TBBT all the time. Alas, some of us think otherwise. Read on to find out.

Aastha’s view

That The Big Bang Theory is not even about Sheldon!

Yes! Ever wondered why John Galecki’s name appears before Jim Parsons’ in the opening credits? The show was supposed to be centred around Leonard and his relationship with Penny. Originally, that is. But as we would have it, Sheldon’s antics and his awkward genius won us over and he’s now synonymous with The Big Bang Theory!

The Genius


Sheldon, oops, Dr. Cooper holds not one but two doctorates and a master’s in theoretical physics and is a great lover of the string theory. Science nerds like me have found a favourite in this character (secretly, we give ourselves a pat on the back every time we get something in his science lingo). One can very conveniently say that his brain functions at an entire new level.

His equations with the friends

Be it his constant condescension on Howard for being an engineer and not a scientist, his roommate issues with Leonard, his friendship with Penny or his struggle with admitting his feelings for Amy – Sheldon’s relationships are far from the norm. I mean, who has a relationship contract of all things? Which brings us to…

The Rules and Clauses!

This has to be the weirdest yet the coolest thing about Sheldon. From The Roommate Agreement:

Unnamed Clause: Selection of a new take out restaurant requires a public hearing and a 60-day comment period.

Unnamed Clause: Leonard will name Sheldon as his sidekick if Leonard obtains superpowers. Wait, WHAT?

That’s right. This is a guy who could put a lawyer from Cambridge to shame. After all, he is a graduate of the Starfleet Academy.

LOS ANGELES - AUGUST 20: "The Russian Rocket Reaction" -- Sheldon (Jim Parsons, right) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki, left) get invited to a party at Wil Wheaton's house, and Howard gets an out-of-this-world opportunity, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Oct. 13 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. (Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images)
His everyday antics

His everyday antics

Knock Knock Knock…Penny! Period.


Siddharth’s Counter-view

As a character, I hate Sheldon Cooper. He is condescending and treats everyone, including his best friends like shit. Heck, he doesn’t even leave the judge at his trial after he jumps a red light. Apparently, traffic court judges just don’t cut it.  And this is a guy who gets excited by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Nimoy.

That’s my spot

In the winter it’s close enough to the radiator so he is warm but not so close he sweats, and in the summer, it gets a nice cross-breeze by opening up certain windows. It also points to the TV not at a direct angle so that he can converse with others in the room but not so indirect where the picture looks fuzzy.


The agreements: Friendship, Roommate, and Girlfriend

 A binding component that in its 31 pages enumerates iterates and quantifies the rights and responsibilities of Sheldon Lee Copper here and after known as the boyfriend and Amy Farah-Fowler here and after known as the girlfriend. Seems a bit restrictive? Feel free to retain a lawyer.

The man is crazy. He is, even if his mother had him tested.

Scorn & Condascension

Here’s how he gives a science lesson to Penny,

Now if ma=mg what does that mean? – I don’t know. – How can you not know I just told you? Have you suffered a recent blow to the head? – Hey you don’t have to be so mean. – Okay sorry! *smiling disgustingly* Have you suffered a recent blow to the head?

That’s not funny. That’s just wicked.

Strike 1, Strike 2, and Strike 3. You’re banished

 If you piss Sheldon off by any means, whether touching his plate or not taking him to the dentist, he’ll give you a strike. If you want that strike removed you have to take his class. And if you get 3 strikes, you can officially sign your name off the friendship agreement and find yourself banished from the land of Sheldon the Conqueror.

Take care of me please, sing soft kitty to me 

Taking care of him isn’t easy; you have to drive him to places like the Model Train Store. You have to travel by trains even if the flight costs cheaper and takes less amount of time. Even when you are mad at him and want to kill him, you’ll have to perform your duties as per the agreement.

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of….. Oh, Live long and suck it.


Image Sources: Google Images

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