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My First Speed Dating Experience In Delhi – Liv’ED It


You know you have crossed the limits of being an introvert when your good but highly interfering friend out of sheer desperation signs you up for an event called Speed Dating and then forces you to go to that event.

I am a loner, I love to be alone, but apparently that was not to be according to my friend and so off she sent me on this anxiety ridden quest of speed dating.

Now, I had only seen these things in Hollywood movies or in articles but had never experienced it, especially in Delhi. I also like to experiment and try new things, granted I feel comfortable about them, so when my friend told me she had registered me for this event, I was equal amounts of angry and well a little intrigued too. Even if I would never admit to it.

So, off I went in hopes of meeting some interesting people and hoping I’d at least get a good experience out of it.

Let me take you through my entire journey with this new animal: Speed Dating in Delhi.


The steps to my apparent doom.



(deep breathes)….ok. lets get over this already.



Hmmm….it doesn’t seem very well organised. Are we monkeys, supposed to sit anywhere? But the instructions although fluent were not that clear. Oh well…the first time something always goes wrong.



Oohhh…what’s this?  A name tag? Fancy! What you are supposed to do is write your name and then an adjective about you. I’m sorry, have I entered back into 2nd grade?



The seating area. Cozy. But the music was loud. Why the loud music when the whole objective of the event was to get people to know one another and that would in turn require talking. Was it so the people wouldn’t overhear each other?

Coz, then good job, we could barely hear the person we were ‘apparently’ trying to know. Oh well.



The only good thing to come out of this event. Free drinks and free food. Count me in any time for either of those. The little tokens would get you your hearts wish. Or whatever was on the selected menu.




Like judges at a reality show the judgment sheet for the selected candidates. Write the names of the person you met and then tick the thumbs up section if you want to see them again…or the thumbs down section if you never want that face again.



Aah….another good thing about this event was the gift bags. I love me some free stuff. Then again…who doesn’t?

Lets see what was inside them shall we?



Hahahahaha…ok. That’s really presumptuous of the organisers that in one meeting we would require Orbit. And then by the time we do get to the actually need I’m sure we can buy it ourselves.



This is a pretty neat little notebook to write down any names and numbers of the people you want to stay in touch with. I’m trying to find something bad with it, but nope…nothing.



Yay…cookie. Yum yum. I like these types of gifts.



Oook….corny line. Check. But its still a pretty great postcard. I’ll let this one go.



And… the last thing is a…..coffee mug. Well…an acceptable gift. I love coffee, so I’ll take it.



That’s me leaving the venue. Phew…that was definitely an interesting experience. I met some good and interesting people but not someone that interesting, which is sort of a bummer.

Also, I think I spoke more in 2.5 hours than I’ve ever spoken in my life. What a heavy burden to bear. Only people who speak only when needed will understand the weight I had to bear.

And lastly, if one more person asks me what I’m doing….I’m going to cut someone.

My Grading Scale (out of 10 where 10 is the highest mark):

The Ambiance             7.5
 The People              8
 The Guys (duh!)            6.5/7
 The Food              4
 The Music               1
  The Organisation               4
 The Gifts             6.5

Verdict: Will I ever try another speed dating event?

Maybe. If I know about the crowd and people coming to the event beforehand only.

Over and out.

Chirali Sharma
Weird. Bookworm. Coffee lover. Fandom expert. Queen of procrastination and as all things go, I'll probably be late to my own funeral. Also, if you're looking for sugar-coated words of happiness and joy in here or my attitude, then stop right there. Raw, direct and brash I am.


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