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ED’s Blogging & Digital Marketing Winternship 4.0 Is Here With Some Crazy Incentives



 “for all those who believe the pen is mightier than the sword….”
a month long virtual internship aimed at bringing out the quirky, witty and best in you.


ED is a generalist youth blog with some quirky bloggers who believe in doing smart and intelligent stories spiced with some humour, sarcasm and spunk.

It’s where you find Wit with Wisdom. We never do just a regular blog post. We rack our brains hard enough to come up with novel, crazy and fun ways of bringing a story to you; with styles never been done before.


WINTERNSHIP is ED’s flagship one month blogging and digital marketing internship program, which aims to provide enthusiastic learners a platform to observe and report, write and blog.

Interns work from the comfort of their homes, wrapped in a cozy blanket with a mug of piping hot tea.

The Super 30 (30 selected interns) have a shot at covering anything within the span of 10 articles over the period of one month and live the life of an ED Blogger, who blogs and does cool social tasks.


We kick off on 13th Feb, after a 1 day orientation (euphemism for meet, greet, chill and tweet) and for the next 30 days – become your foster family.

ED never sleeps, ever… you can find someone of our team up at all times of the day. Tweeting live from an event, representing the blog at forums like Jaipur Literature Festival and posing for selfies with Ranbir and Deepika are all part of your job profile (if you get lucky)!

We also have one crazy digital task a week – and as an EDite, you’ll be doing that too.

Sitting in your room, wrapped in a blanket.


Winternship opens on: 3rd Jan 2017

Last date to apply: 5th Feb 2017

Selected 30 to be announced by: 10th Feb 2017

Face to face Orientation in Delhi (for Delhi residents): 12th Feb at 11 am

Online face to face orientation for non-Delhi residents: 12th Feb (time to be decided)

Winternship duration : 12th Feb- 12th March 2017

LORS/certificates/stipend/offer to join ED (in case you’re awesome): March end/April


Those passionate to work in a startup online media and learn the ropes of being a hep blogger and social influencer are more than welcome to apply. The minimum we ask for –

1. Smartness and intelligence: Concur, infer, analyse, assimilate, ‘humorise’, pen down

2. Quirky/witty/sarcastic/humorous style of writing: Humor sells. So does wit. And you thought you’d never be rewarded for your sarcasm?

3. Out of the box thinking and experimentation: Get out of the closet (for whatever it’s worth!)

4. Complete professionalism when it comes to article targets, responsiveness and interactivity, and commitment towards tasks assigned (we hate the rona dhona types who get anxiety attacks even at writing a sentence, so if you don’t have guts to stick to your word: pls spare us the pain and don’t apply)

5. Self-starter: someone who takes initiative, comes up with ideas and executes them with leadership

Fill out the form carefully, be the best blogger you can be, show your eagerness to learn and sincerity towards completion of tasks at hand. We promise you’ll be among our Super 30!


We’re cool people, and you can sit with us.

1. Experience in blogging under the mentorship of bloggers who have worked for the who’s who of every industry

2. A glowing letter of recommendation, in lieu of the hard work you put in (#MakeItCount)

3. Selected 30 interns who are able to complete the internship successfully, as per ED’s expectations and asked for deliverables, shall be paid INR 1,000 as stipend.

4. The perks include working with an awesome & crazy team in a growth oriented environment, freedom to experiment and execute projects while getting constant mentoring, and the opportunity to be dynamic in an ever-expanding industry.

5. You get to become a blogger and social influencer & see what it means to be part of a startup online media!

6. Along with everything else, the selected bloggers will also be getting the chance of working with SheThePeople.TV and Love Matters through us.

7. The selected interns will also get an opportunity to an exclusive chat with Twitter’s Aneesh Madani

8. Oh! and last but not the least, not that it would really matter to you, but you know just as an added perk, selected blogs will be getting the prestigious chance to get republished on Harvard US India Initiative’s blog along with due credits (we told you we are awesome) ;)


Keep your eyes open when you’re in college in January (remember your attendance is dipping and you need to attend college now) and keep visiting our social media handles (while you’re at it, – go through the stuff we publish. It’s kinda awesome, and you’ll know our quality control standards are high #HeadsUp).

APPLY by filling the GOOGLE FORM latest by 5th Feb:

All applicants are required to visit the website to get an idea about the type of articles we wish to receive.

Visit us at /

Now start doing some good karma, so that it comes back to you in the form of a call from us *wink*.

You are required to fill this in latest by 5th February to be considered for selection.

See you on the other side,

Team ED

Graphic Credits: Nadiminti Sarvani

We got talked about:

Economy Decoded returns with Winternship 4.0

Want to blog and make your voice heard? Love Matters gives you an opportunity to intern and create smart content for Economy Decoded.

Blogging and digital marketing internship for under graduates: Apply Now!

Winternship Partners:
Love Matters India is an online platform that provides blush-free information and news about sexuality and sexual health for 18 to 30-year-olds in India. They are the first bilingual (English and Hindi) sexual health website in India with open, honest and non-judgmental attitude towards all topics related to love, sex, relationships and everything in between. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
SheThePeople is a video story telling space that inspires women, strengthens their efforts, exchanges leadership ideas, fosters networking and reinforces their ability to contribute to growth. Through their special videos on SheThePeople.TV they are presenting the modern Indian woman a platform to discuss and share the challenges faced by this up-tapped leadership community. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Twitter brings you closer to what you care about. Get on an exclusive chat with Twitter’s Aneesh Madani through ED. Follow him @aneeshmadani.
The Harvard US India Initiative aims to empower the youth and promote awareness about India’s most pressing issues. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook. 
Social Samosa is the only online publication reporting trends, insights and breaking stories on social media marketing.



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