DU Brings Out Another Rule To Make The Life Of Students Difficult- Why You Do This DU?

DU or Delhi University is one of the most well known and popular universities all over the country.

Every year, some 2 lakh or more students, from the entire Indian sub-continent and even abroad too, apply to this prestigious university.

But the few recent decisions that DU has been taking, is not really making any friends and is instead, turning these students off from this to other government universities or even private ones.

The FYUP system was one of the biggest bust done by the University and created so much drama and chaos, that within a matter of months it was recalled also.


Now DU is back to its old ways with its most current rule, in where the Hindi department of DU has come out with a diktat according to which students who have not studied Hindi as a subject after the 8th standard in school, will have to pass a Compulsory Test Hindi (CTH) if they want to get their degree.

Ok, so I to did my degree from DU and in my time, even we had a language test in our 1st semester that we had to pass, but instead that was for students who had done Hindi till their 10th standard.

For those who had not studied Hindi, there were other choices to choose from.

So, basically DU was more progressive a few years back, than now?

Um… am I the only one confused and disappointed by this development?

According to Professor Harimohan Sharma, Department of Hindi, “This was a rule that did exist earlier, but it has now been made compulsory after the introduction of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).”

Wow… this is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard someone say.

DU, you do know na that, students from all over the country and a few foreign students too come to you to study?

Why exactly are you making their lives difficult by adopting such a regressive and frankly unnecessary rule?

New admission for 2013 at delhi university photo by Tribhuvan Tiwari 17/06/2013
New admission for 2013 at delhi university photo by Tribhuvan Tiwari 17/06/2013

Are you seriously trying to be so patriotic and pushing students to study Hindi in a way to make them feel closer to their country?

Because let me tell you darling, that your strategy is backfiring spectacularly.

Signing off I would like to say that, these are the kind of rules that spark anti-national thoughts and make your own citizens against you.

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