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Check Out How To Stay Ahead Of Expectations In Your New Job And Avoid Certain Mistakes

Disclaimer: Originally published in November 2018. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today.

It is always a challenge to start afresh at a new job. You need to get out of your comfort zone without knowledge of resources and expectations.

Here is how you can stay ahead of expectations in your new job and avoid certain mistakes.

However, you definitely need a strategy to make the most of this time to stay ahead of expectations in your new job.

Office staff working on one of the design projects

How to get started in your new job

You need to start working on the skills and practice that got you selected. Firstly, don’t be late to work on your first day.

Attend an on-boarding process diligently, if there is any. The organization will provide you with the tools that you will need. If there is no formal process, meet your manager and HR to get everything sorted.

You need to connect with the people because you will need physical resources and the support of colleagues. Introduce yourself to as many people as possible, start with your team.

Make friends with newcomers, it is easy to get along with them. Use the coffee breaks wisely and connect professionally with your colleagues.

While you are broadening your professional circle, you should never leave an opportunity to gain knowledge. As a newcomer, you should never hesitate or feel awkward to ask questions.

If you have had the same role in your previous job, you will function smoothly. But if not then set up a meeting with your manager to know more. Get organized and don’t waste your time to finish the targets that you have to complete.

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You should try to be known for your reliability— someone who is on time for both delivery and discussions. You should go out of your way to help your colleagues to complete the task.

To ensure you can find that person in your organization who has the knowledge and knows the insights to solve the problem. The person can be a senior manager or an old member of the organization. You need to establish a good relationship with this person.

Lastly, set up meetings time to time with your manager to take the feedback of your performance. If there is anything missing you can add that after receiving the feedback.

Office staff on a tea-break.

Some mistakes that you can avoid:

1. Considering office as home

Just because the office environment has started to feel like home, you can’t take people for granted or leave your professional behavior. You can’t ignore the deadlines or ignore suggestions from your boss or use social media during work hours.

2. Failing to ask questions and clarify expectations

No one expects you to know it all on your first day. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to ask questions. If you ask more, it will let your boss or colleagues know that you are eager to learn. So instead of staying in the dark, you should clarify all your doubts.

3. Taking too much work, too soon

The first impression of your new job will be a lasting impression. So don’t take up too much work and spoil your first impression. The employers assign small tasks initially for a reason.

4. Taking criticism personally

It is true that in a new job criticism can seem strong. Don’t take the criticism personally. You should take it professionally and listen to it carefully. Only if you work actively and analyze, you can succeed.

5. Bunking company events

You shouldn’t avoid attending the company’s social events. In the initial months in your new job, treat all company events as seriously as a client. Such events contribute to knowing people better, winning team respect, and being considered for responsibilities.

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