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“Can I Have Some Water Again?” Delivery Boy Sexually Harasses Woman At Home

A food delivery boy from a major aggregator allegedly sexually harassed a Bengaluru-techie at her home, after following the woman to the kitchen.

The Complete Incident:

According to a report by The Times of India (TOI), on March 17, around 6.45 p.m., a woman, a software engineer, had ordered dosa from a nearby restaurant at her apartment in AECS Layout near Brookfield, Bengaluru. 

Out of sheer courtesy, the lady asked whether the delivery boy who came with her food wanted to have water. He said yes and left after drinking it.

However, he came back again a few seconds later and asked if he could use the washroom. “Ma’am, can I use your washroom? It’s very urgent,” said the report. The techie showed him the way to her restroom. 

After returning, the guy, who seemed to be in his 20s, asked for another glass of water. The customer agreed but asked the delivery agent to wait at the door. Yet, he followed her to the kitchen, muttered something which she didn’t understand, and then grabbed her hand.

The techie started shouting, asking him why he entered her kitchen. She then hit his back with a frying pan. The delivery agent then ran out of the house. The lady said that she followed him to the lift, but he took the stairs and escaped.

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The Story Post-Incident:

Post this horrific incident, which could have gotten worse, the TOI report added that the residents of the four-storeyed building have decided to not allow delivery agents to enter the premises and to collect deliveries from the gates.

The customer dialled 112 (police helpline) and a Hoysala team from Whitefield police station attended to her. A complaint has been launched against the boy, who had a beard and was wearing a mask which was pulled down to his chin.

The online firm didn’t respond quickly to my complaint. They didn’t share his mobile number and their details even after I reached the police station. When I was on a call with the firm’s customer care, they overheard a police officer suggesting that I should write the company name, after which they revealed his phone number,” she said. 

Thankfully, the building had CCTV cameras installed. A senior police officer said that the person had been identified with the help of the footage. His name is Akash B and the police are trying to nab him.

The delivery boy spoke to me in broken Hindi and English, but I am not sure which language he spoke when he came to the kitchen and approached me,” said the Bengaluru-based techie. 

Is This The First Time Such An Incident Has Taken place?

Another such incident occurred on November 23, 2023, at 7.55 p.m. when a woman collected her package from a Blinkit delivery agent and went back inside. The CCTV footage captured the delivery agent entering into the lift to leave. However, just seconds later, he returned and stole her shoes that were outside the flat. 

The same delivery executive then returned around 10 pm, with a packet in his hand and relentlessly started to ring the doorbell but the woman, named Monicaa Khanna, didn’t open the door out of fear for her security.

On November 30, 2022, another woman had to face a similar unfortunate episode. A delivery man working for a grocery delivery app started making a video of the customer when was paying him. When she asked him to delete the video, the man entered her house. “He pushed me and held my hand. Started misbehaving with me and abused me,” she said.

She then ran to her kitchen from where she summoned her security guard, who came to her rescue. This incident took place in Khar West, Mumbai and the Mumbai Police had arrested the man.

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