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Bobby Deol’s Latest Interview Shows How Bollywood Has Failed Many 90’s Actors


Bobby Deol might be many things, an actor, a businessman and more, however the thing that he is most known for these days is giving us all fodder for memes, jokes and stand-up comic acts.

His last public appearance, backfired on him horribly, and though it did bring his name to the limelight once again, it probably wasn’t in the way Bobby Deol would have wanted.

However, in his latest interview, one gets an extremely frank, honest and just down to earth impression about what kind of a person Bobby Deol, actually is.

I don’t think I have ever read, well at least not to my immediate knowledge, an interview where the actor has been so brutally truthful about their life, work, what mistakes they made and how the industry works.

After reading that interview, it not only made me sympathise with the plight of Deol, but also shed light on some important and valid thoughts on how Bollywood has managed to screw over many of our beloved 90’s actors.


Bobby Deol Ne Kiya Khulasa

Okay okay, I know that that is a bit corny, but his statements during the interview were an intimate look into how the industry or Bollywood specifically works.

His answers regarding Imtiaz Ali, the fiasco with it, none of his producer and director friends offering him any work and more such things allowed us average people, a peak into how the cinema world works and that even someone with the background like Booby Deol, son of megastar Dharmendra, had to go through all this.

However, it was these things only that made me reflect on that fact that while the time moves forward, Bollywood on the other hand remains stagnant.

It remains in its own little bubble, where there are only a limited number of roles, and an actor can only keep playing the same thing for a certain amount of time, until their frustration with the monotony, or age in some cases catches up with them.

While there have been winds of change for the past few years, with the rise of independent cinema, risky and original storylines and slowly growing role category that is not just limited to the 20-25 year old hero and heroine, there is still hope for this industry.

bobby deol

Some Responsibility Does Fall On The Actors Too

Although Bollywood plays a big part in this, I do believe that the individual actor too has their own responsibility in all this.

According to me, one area where a lot of actors bite the dust, is not understanding that, the industry and work environment around them is changing and instead many seemed more than happy to keep doing the same roles that they were doing at the beginning of their career.

This does not just apply to Bobby Deol, but even some of our reigning stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and all.

In this aspect I do like the fact that Bobby Deol accepted his mistake in all this, a little late perhaps sure, but maybe not too late either.

I think actors, especially from such changing generations, should try to work on their craft, and not try to regain their glory days.

Because frankly speaking, those days will never come back, but maybe in good time, you as an actor will gain attention again for your good work.

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