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Bigg Boss Season 7- The House Of Sentiments!



Phew! And the BIGG BOSS Season 7 comes to a fitting end. The show did not disappoint its viewers even in the final moments when the two arch enemies- Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee were the only two people remaining in the house. Bigg Boss’ penchant for drama couldn’t have been more obvious, what with him offering the four contestants 10 lakhs to withdraw their names from the final race on the day of the finale and him asking Gauhar and Tanisha to switch off the main fuse before they left the house, with fireworks lighting up the path on their way out.

If there is one word you CANNOT use for this show, it is Boring! Like they say, you may love it or you may hate it, but you cannot ignore it. This show has cajoled people to leave everything else and switch on their television sets sharp at 9 pm everyday, for the last three and a half months. It has entertained viewers- made them cry watching Kamya missing her daughter, jolted them to make ‘I Hate Tanisha Mukherjee’ communities on Facebook, made girls go ‘Awwwwwww’ seeing Kushal confess his love for Gauhar, fall down from their sofa sets laughing, watching Andy and Ajaz  pull off hilarious acts and write angry emails to the producers of the show making  a case for Salman being partial towards Armaan and Tanisha.

imagesWhen I say that this show has impacted people, I mean it. Never have I seen my pg mates follow any other show as religiously as this one in the last 3 years of us living together. And, if my mother who goes off to sleep at 10 everyday can stay up till 11:30(which has always been too late for her even on her own birthday!) to watch the finale and call me up, all excited like a kid because her favourite contestant won, it’s got to be a big deal! And if you still don’t believe me, a fact- the above mentioned Facebook communities have 26000 members!!

Be it Armaan Kohli’s infamous temper, Tanisha Mukherjee’s submissive behaviour, Kushal Tandon’s impulsive acts, Gauhar Khan’s ‘teachergiri’, Ajaz’s touted love for Gauhar, Kamya’s  strong personality, Sangram’s ever changing colours, Pratyusha’s kiddish, delayed responses, Kushal and Armaan’s endless fights and the bitchy, sarcastic remarks of Tanisha on Gauhar- all of these made this season nothing less than a tadkedar, masala Bollywood flick. Add to this the obvious romance between the two ‘lead’ couples and you have a script that will put the best screenplays to shame. Desktop

But like with every blockbuster, you have to give due credits to the director –The Bigg Boss himself! The smart guy that he is, left no stone unturned in pitting the contestants against each other in brilliantly planned out tasks that were made to look innocuous but were far from it. He chose to keep his mouth shut when the tensions escalated making the contestants do something rash , and the viewers lapped it all up like some deprived, hungry kid. Like they say, the creator knows best how he can market his product and I must say, the producers have proved their mettle.

With Gauhar finally winning the show (and rightly so), the lives of thousands of religious followers of the show has come to a stand-still. My sympathies are with them. May they get the strength to deal with this difficult time. This too shall pass my friends and I’m sure the next season will be here in the blink of an eye.



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