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Best Virtual Reality Picks To Buy If You Are An Online Gamer


For those who have been living under the rock, Virtual Reality is the new head turner, where science fiction has become the new reality. It has made the world of online gaming come alive where you can zoom past deserts and shoot barrels in the air without a hint of fiction in it.

With Samsung, Sony, Google, HTC all in the race let’s see which ones are the ultimate gaming and entertainment experiences.

1. Sony Play Station VR- Sony has entered the world of virtual reality with PlayStation VR which is one of the cheapest in the market right now as compared to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Sony headset makes your gaming experience extremely comfortable as it doesn’t require to fasten your face with velcro and comes with an adjustable plastic strap. Interestingly, Sony VR comes with a processing unit which helps carry out object-based 3D audio processing, making the gaming experience crazier than ever. It also lets you play non-VR games or watch movies on a display the size of a movie theater screen in cinematic mode.
A sleek and gorgeous piece of technology yet economically priced PSVR is a smart buy if you are a dedicated gamer. Although the users will have to invest in a camera and a couple of controllers, the PSVR is one of the cheapest and best VR gadgets to have as it is less space consuming and offers great quality.

sony playstation vr

2. Samsung Gear: The Samsung Gear is an oculus technology owing to its partnership between Oculus VR and Samsung. However, it requires a heavy investment into the Samsung phone to go with it due to its compatibility restrictions.

The resolution of the Gear is not to die for, but, thanks to Oculus, the user interface has been made as easy and interactive as possible. The Gear VR has only a 96-degree field of view but coupled with some amazing 360-degree head-tracking it takes you into a different world.
For additional comfort, the headset comes with layers of foam making it very comfortable to wear and much lighter than its previous versions. For owners of Samsung phones, the Samsung VR is hands down the best to go for. Others, you might want to consider options before shelling a lot out of their pockets.

samsung gear

3. HTC Vive: HTC Vive with its free moving VR offers the most stunning and immersive VR experience ever. It is the most heavily priced headset out there. Setting up Vive can be a long tiring process but all the wait is worth it. The dual controllers are brilliant. The triggers have a tailor-made grip that make shooting games an out of the world experience. One of the major disadvantages of Vive is that it commands a lot of space. Also, the software may trouble you a bit but if you can dedicate good space at your home and shell out cash, HTC Vive is a must have gadget for you. It promises to incredibly immerse you into the world of games and is unparalleled in terms of quality.

htc vive

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