Are You Ready To Become A Vegan? Consider These Before You Take The Big Step

Whether it’s for moral reasons, health reasons, or anything else, more and more people are turning vegan or vegetarian these days. If you’re thinking of making this change, then it’s obviously not something that can be taken lightly. A lot of people decide to cut out meat from their diets, and then wimp out when they hit certain issues.


Here are some things to consider before going vegan.

First of all, going vegan is usually very expensive. Okay, maybe this isn’t a rule that’s set in stone. Pound-for-pound, meat is one of the most expensive kinds of food you can buy in a supermarket. If you were to replace it with one foodstuff, let’s say tofu, you’ll definitely save a lot of money. However, I’m sure you don’t want to live off tofu the rest of your life.

The next logical step for a lot of vegans is going for the ultra-healthy foodie markets. More and more companies are setting up to meet the demand of veggies and vegans. Check out this Josh Tetrick interview about Hampton Creek, one of these up-and-comers. However, until this market levels out, you’re probably going to be buying from some very expensive businesses.


Another thing to consider is that a lot of your meals are going to become pretty singular. This is for a couple of big reasons. Firstly, vegan meals are usually harder to prepare than meaty ones. Secondly, seen as you’re subbing out meat and cheese, you’re going to have to up the carbs in your meals to substitute the fat and protein. Because of this, a lot of vegans switch over to one-dish meals. By this, I mean stir-fries, smoothies, salads and pasta dishes. Obviously, there’s a lot of room for variety within these meals. No one’s forcing you to have a veggie omelette without anything on the side. However, be prepared for a lot of your meals to become one-dish wonders.

You should also be aware of the impact being a vegan has on other people in your life. It’s a common stereotype that vegans have an annoying superiority complex, and have to tell absolutely everyone that they’re vegan. This probably stems from the number of people you’ll need to tell about your veganism.


Whenever you go to a friend’s for a meal, they’re going to have to cut out all the meat, cheese and eggs from their plans. Cooks in restaurants will have to take special measures, or you may just be restricted to one little corner of the menu. Still, it’s not all negative! A lot of vegans, once they change their lifestyle, notice their close friends beginning to eat less meat. You may even be able to convert some of the meat-eaters in your circle. Just don’t try to be too pushy with it if you decide to start a crusade!

Take these considerations in before you make the big step of becoming vegan. Going vegan could be the toughest and most rewarding thing you ever do. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into!

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