From Racist Robots to Five Rupee Cheques, All That Sarcastic That Happened In News This Week

Are you sure you are updated well about the news this week? The newspapers don’t always give away the good ones. If not, here we bring for you all that sarcastic that happened this week- fresh, off-beat and totally weird!




Trump Effigy Burned To Cast Away Evil Spirits


Guatemalans burn Donald Trump effigies wearing devil’s horns on public squares during their traditional ceremony, “La Quema del Diablo”, aka the Burning of the Devil, held as a part of their pre-Christmas celebrations every year. The citizens of Guatemala are unhappy with the president-elect for a number for his open racism, opposing his hard stance against immigrants from Central America.

Cannot help all the hate-shows when the president-elect projects to behave like the devil-incarnate.


Center Move To Declare The Demonetization Move Unconstitutional.


Coming down hard on the Modi Government, the Supreme Court has decided to challenge the central government’s chaotic declaration and equally inefficient enforcement. The apex court is questioning the secrecy of the move, why the withdrawal limits are not being adhered to and why can the cooperative banks not cash in deposits, among many other questions.

The Center shot back questioning the extent of such judicial reviews, explaining that it will do everything they can to settle the chaos with 10-15 days. Modiji, one day has only 24 hours ok? So that gives you 240-360 hrs, not years.


The Austrian Word Of The Year Might Just Become The Best Spelling Bee Tie-Breaker Ever.



Okay, pronounce this: Bundespraesidentenstichwahlwiederholungsverschiebung.

If you could, please accept my Hi5. The word born out of the record time it took to elect Austria’s president, this word literally translates itself in English to the “postponement of the repeat of the runoff of the presidential election.”

Still, it doesn’t beat the charm of apna ‘Mitron’…




New Zealand passport robot asks a man of Asian descent to open eyes. Like Seriously?!


In a fresh case of racism floating up from the Southern hemisphere, Richard Lee a New Zealand man of Asian descent was told by a robot to open his eyes more after his the system rejected his first open-eyed picture. Mr. Lee laughed it off, but well it’s awkward when the only one racists aren’t the humans.


Medical Students in Tamil Nadu campus kill and torture baby monkeys.


Four students at the prestigious Christian Medical College were suspended following allegations of inhuman torture inflicted on a monkey on the campus. These students decided to teach the monkey a lesson and brutally beat a female baby monkey up before killing her by inserting a rod through her backside. The baby monkey was found dead in the garbage with her hands and legs tied up and bones broken.

I say, use these criminals as lab rats, then humanity will learn its lesson.


Madurai Man Writes a Cheque For Rupees 5 After Using Public Toilet.


In an out and out ridiculous incident, a Madurai man decided to really give embrace the spirit of cashless transaction Modiji wants to popularize in India by writing a cheque for 5/-. While it quickly created a storm on the internet generating mixed reactions, I surely understand how this small move trashes the government who has been trashing their own people.

Call it idiocy if you want to, but it makes one genius of a statement against demonetization right now.


Hungry for more. Come back next week for more sarcastic spice. Good day!


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