Aaarrrrgghhhhh!!!!!! Few Everyday Incidents That Can Scare You To Death

Anyone would have screamed watching Mama and The Conjuring.

But some everyday incidents that might not be remotely scary can chill you to your bones than horror movies. Here are a few that might have already happened to you.

1. You are reading an Agatha Christie novel – alone in the night in your bedroom. The tale is so nail biting thrilling and scary. A murder would happen now. Thup!! Someone or something touches your back. Aaarrhhh!!! You try to scream but too scared for it. You turn back to have a look- Oh, it was your pillow that you were leaning on.


2. You enter your room. You search for the switch to turn on the light but you feel something slimy on it. Once the light is on you find- Blaaggghhhhh!!!! A lizard on your hand!!! Yew!!!!


3. You wake up groggily. In the dark you feel an evil dark scary voice. And a group of voices.
Grunts, suppressed breaths, like a rhythmic chanting. You try to hide in your blanket but it just grows louder and more irritating – Yes, they are the pigeons cooing on your window.


4. You enter a friend’s room. You stumble across something long and shiny. You get closer to take a look-Aaaahhhh!!!! A vague elongated scary figure with long slits for eyes and a wide mouth. Man, it is just you. You just show a quick moving blurred image in a concave mirror. Happens. Calm Down.


5. You enter your brother’s room. He boos you from behind. He has succeeded more than once.


6. You are talking on mobile to your boyfriend. Planning for a movie, bunking classes. So cheesy talk and you are totally lost in the Disney world. You turn around and voila- Your mom stands there staring at you. Sure, you missed a beat.


7. Silhouettes. Every scary movie has got it. After watching a movie you sleep tight resolved not to scream but then you open your eyes and find a dark figure near you. The same silhouette of a banshee with long hair!! You may have started to scream and the figure would have also started to scream!! Who is who!! It is just your mom checking if you are alright because you were talking in your sleep.

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8. You search your bag without looking inside. Something long, slimy and coiled grabs your hand. It seems it is a SNAAAAKE!!! It was a prank your friends pulled. Boo!!!


Well, as Franklin Roosevelt aptly said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” It was fear pre- implanted in our minds that scared us half of the time.

But these incidents would have become a sweet memory and a mild fear in the corner of our brains after a few years.

Sure, all of us would have gone through some of these incidents at some point in your lives.

Let us know how many of these incidents you have shared. Comment below if you got some points to add to the list.

We would love to listen to your scary experiences which turned out as a joke.


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