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Woman Allegedly Attacked By Zomato Delivery Guy In Bangalore, Left With Bleeding Nose

Hitesha says the fracture can disrupt her career as an Influencer!

A 4-minute video has gone viral on Instagram and has definitely put Zomato’s reputation and position in jeopardy. The video was made by a Bengaluru-based influencer and make-up artist, Hitesha Chandranee. 

What Happened To Hitesha?

In an IGTV video uploaded by Hitesha, she claims to have been attacked by a Zomato delivery boy. The video was uploaded on the 10th of March. She says that she ordered food around 3.30 pm, which was supposed to be delivered in another hour.

Since the order was getting late, she decided to contact customer care and asked them to either compensate her for the late delivery or cancel her order. 

Hitesha’s IGTV Video

While she was negotiating with the customer care people, the delivery boy arrived at her doorsteps. Because she had ordered sushi, she did not feel the need to open the entire door, considering the small size of the package. She asked him to wait as she was still on the phone with Zomato customer care. 

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After that, she told him to take back the order. The man got irritated and behaved quite rudely with her. Then he allegedly pushed the door, entered her house, snatched the food package, punched her on the nose, and then ran away. 

What Happened After The Alleged Attack?

Hitesha claims that since she was a single girl living alone, nobody came to help her out. She was so scared that she rushed to the hospital. Her nose was heavily bleeding. After a preliminary examination, the doctors advised her for surgery because the attack had apparently fractured her nose. 

In another snippet, she is seen to be thanking the Karnataka and Bengaluru police for helping her out. She has not revealed the name of the police station but she seems to have a copy of the FIR and the doctor’s report. 

What Is The Current Status?

As soon as the video came out, Zomato’s official Instagram page replied to her assuring them that they will cooperate in the police investigation and help her with any other medical assistance. They also added that this is not their usual customer service and that they will look into the matter. 

Zomato’s official statement

We reached out to Zomato regarding the same. They have confirmed the allegations and conveyed their apologies to Hitesha. They have not only suspended the delivery partner but have ensured their full assistance in the probe of the matter.

Lastly, they have also assured that their teams would take necessary steps to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

Although what happened to Hitesha is condemnable and vicious, the silver lining here is a corporate giant like Zomato owning up their mistake instead of playing the typical blame-game.

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Sources: Hitesha Chandranee’s IGTV Video

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  1. Well, such a precious stuck up little girl who was courteous enough to make the delivery wait outside while she was on the phone yammering about how the food was late and then out of nowhere the boy punches her in the face? believable, but she did nothing, correct? like slipper him? or did you miss that part of the story?

  2. There’s something missing. I don’t think a punch will cause bleeding like this. The delviery boy said she tried to hit him with a slipper and hit the nose on the door when doing that. That sounds more realistic


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