Winternship 2015


About Economy Decoded:

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What is the Winternship?

The Winternship is Economy Decoded’s flagship internship program that is run in the months of January and February.

This year we wish to give 30 super talented individuals (ED’s Super30) a chance to go on a ride of their lives. The Winternship aims to recruit writers for the various categories/topics that Economy Decoded talks about. The Winternship, a 4 week internship starts from 24/1/15 and ends on 24/2/15.

The internship is definitely a platform for anyone who wishes to expand his horizons as a writer/journalist but at the same time it’s an amazing opportunity to experience how it feels to be a part of a large machine that serves millions of people and forms opinions.
Wanna earn some bragging rights? This is your time to shine!

Work Profile:

1) You’ll be introduced to a 2-day training session which would include:

i) An induction into the ED family where we will share our vision and goals that we aim to achieve.

ii) A session with respective mentors to discuss how to go about writing ED-worthy articles that would appeal to the audience we cater to; this will also focus on important aspects like SEO, meta tags, online promotion, etc.

2) As an intern with Economy Decoded you’ll be required to submit 12 quality articles over a course of 4 weeks i.e. 3 articles per week.

3) The articles that an intern submits for publishing should fall under one of the categories/topics we write on.

Benefits and Compensation:

1) The Winternship is a great platform for blogging/journalism/writing enthusiasts to get the right experience and evolve as they’ll be trained by certified writers (also blogging internationally)

2) All interns would be compensated monetarily with a sum of Rs.1000 at the end of the internship period.

3) Economy Decoded will personally provide each intern with certificates and LORs at the end of the internship.

4) All interns will be provided with a detailed analysis of their writing and performance during the internship.

5) Special offers would be provided to star performers besides the stipulated stipend.

ED’s Super30

After long hours of discussions and debates, numbing of butts and wracking of brains on laptops for hours , the wait is over, we are finally here to tell you what you’ve been waiting for!

Economy Decoded‘s Super30 are here!

Thank you everyone for making this a beautiful process!

  1. Aayush
  2. Aditi Parashar
  3. Aakanksha Kumari
  4. Ananya Tiwari
  5. Anmol Gupta
  6. Bhanu Sharma
  7. Dhwani Mohan
  8. Gauri Gaur
  9. Gowri S
  10. Jaya Singh
  11. Kartik Chaudhry
  12. Lakshaya Soin
  13. Mahima Verma
  14. Manvika Athwani
  15. Milind Vaish
  16. Navni Bhatia
  17. Nikhil
  18. Ojaswani Gul
  19. Raunaq Singh
  20. S. Shahid Abdul Majeed
  21. Sarthak Kumar
  22. Shreemayee Das
  23. Shreya Gupta
  24. Shriya Dargan
  25. Shruti Das
  26. Snigdha Singh
  27. Titiksha Devrani
  28. Utkarsh Panwar
  29. Vaibhav Agarwal
  30. Yash Jain