Are you an introvert or an extrovert? This question gets asked so many times that it’s difficult to keep a count. There are extroverts, introverts, and ambiverts.

Extroverts are friendly, sociable, and are the life of any party whereas introverts tend to be quiet, reserved, thoughtful, and less unpredictable.

Extroverts like to be around people and can get easily bored when alone. On the contrary, introverts prefer to spend time alone and feel exhausted if they are at the centre of any social interaction. 

As for the ambiverts, they come somewhat in the middle. They are the ones who take a middle approach to everything. Ambiverts are the best of both worlds as they are the perfect balance of both the extreme personality, introvert and extrovert.

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What Makes Ambiverts A Great Leader?

A study by Adam Grant, professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, has questioned the notion that extroverts are more successful and productive in a sales environment. He coined the phrase ‘the advantage of ambition’ in his study. 

After observing about 340 full-time employees of a call centre, Grant found that workers who collected the most sales revenue were in the middle of the extroversion scale. 

Those who fell more in the middle of the introvert-extrovert spectrum outperformed people who were either extremely introverted or extroverted. So what makes ambiverts a better leader?

Flexible Nature

Ambiverts are natural while talking and listening to others, hence persuading others with enthusiasm and assertiveness is an easy task for them. They are a classic mix of confidence, self-assuredness, and quiet strength.

They are very intuitive and quickly notice any subtle changes in their environment and people. This introverted side of theirs helps them to notice if anything is off. Hence, sorting out issues with people is no big deal for them. This quality makes them highly adaptable, and it is easier for them to switch and adjust. 


Ambiverts never say too much, nor they stay too quiet. They will speak if need be. Whenever they make a decision, they think emotionally as well intellectually. They are logical thinkers and prefer a practical approach rather than wearing their hearts on sleeves. 

Introverts usually like to keep their issues to themselves and prefer enduring them alone, unlike extroverts who usually over-react and mess things up.

Life of an ambivert. Art by- Yukikodraws

How Can One Have These Qualities Even If They Are Not Ambiverts?

Well, this question is no question. You just have to be flexible so that you can adapt to things, if necessary. For people who identify themselves as extroverts, this could mean being a bit conscious of themselves.

To be discerning in social events or formal environments. After all, too much music sometimes sounds like cacophony. 

As for the introverts, it could mean trying to speak up a bit more and not enduring everything by themselves. Little things like saying ‘Hello’ or commenting on the weather can help, for starters.

Extroverts can try to spend some time with themselves by reading a book, especially self-help or non-fiction books that make them think for a bit. 

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