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What Makes Uzbekistan An Unsung Hero Amongst Travellers To Asia

Uzbekistan, a country that boasts of its serene, ethereal and ancient beauty, is an undiscovered gem of Asia that awaits travellers from all across the world to come and serve their vagabond soul a sense of satisfaction.

A former Soviet Republic, Uzbekistan is now an independent nation with Tashkent as the largest and capital city of it.

Uzbek is the national language of Uzbekistan. Besides that, Russian is also spoken widely here. Tourists will get to see people speaking English, mostly in markets or the major touristic cities.

Uzbekistan is home to a number of elegant and exquisite mosques, mausoleums, and madrasas which unveil the plethora of architectural treasures that the country possesses.

Glimpses Of Uzbekistan

The Minor Mosque is an inexplicably alluring part of Uzbekistan’s monumental wealth. Located in Tashkent, the Minor Mosque is simply elegant and beholds spellbinding beauty in the inscriptions on its white marble.

The ancient city of Samarkand is a UNESCO World Heritage City for the way it has preserved its glorious traditions and historical monuments.

The Registan Square is an architectural wonder located at the heart of Samarkand. The square is enclosed with grand madrasas on three sides, entrances of which face the centre of the square.

The interiors of the monuments as well as the night view hold breathtaking beauty to serve the curiosity of travellers.

Gur-e-Amir is yet another architectural gem of Samarkand. It is a mausoleum that was built for the conqueror of Central Asia, Amir Timur.

It is attractively decorated with blue bricks complemented with different other coloured bricks, mosaics, and its muqarnas structure which is also called honeycomb vaulting (Muqarnas is an integral part of Islamic architecture).

From uncountable architectural masterpieces to various beautiful landforms, Uzbekistan has something in store for every excited wanderer.

Greater Chimgan of the Chatkal Mountain range is located at 80 km from Tashkent at an elevation of 3,309 m.

Here the travellers can plunge into adventurous and fun-filled activities like rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, hang gliding, skiing, snowboarding and horseback riding.

Famously known as the ‘Uzbek Switzerland’, Zaamin is a city with an abundance of coniferous forests which makes it apt for travelling at any time of the year

Travellers who visit Zaamin can get to see Zaamin National Nature Park, Shar-Shara waterfall, the ruins of the ancient fortress Muk and some ancient silver mines.

A trip to ‘Uzbek Switzerland’ will serve you with many thrilling and memorable experiences.

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Uzbekistan’s Handicraft And Cuisines

The Uzbek citizens are famous for their mastery of handicraft, embroidery and ceramics that are an integral part of their touristic economy.

On the way to exploring monuments, you will encounter several shops of colourful embroidered blankets (also known as Suzanis), bags, crochet hats, fur hats, silk jackets and ceramic plates, etc., especially when you are in Bukhara and Khiva (cities in Uzbekistan).

Along with astonishing Islamic architecture and awe-inspiring handwork, Uzbekistan is rich in its culinary tradition as well.

The food here is generally non-vegetarian. Plov is the staple food of Uzbekistan which also has its mention as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Plov prepared in a large vessel

Samsa is a part of local fast food. It is stuffed with meat and onions and baked in the oven. Interestingly, Indian samosa is a spin-off of samsa.

Bread is also an important part of Uzbekistan’s food. One can find a variety of bread in cafes and stores with different shapes and mouth-watering flavours.

Considering the fact that Uzbekistan shares its borders with nations like Afghanistan, one may ponder upon the safety aspect of it. Various reports suggest that Uzbekistan is not only quite a safe country to travel, but also the citizens here are warm and welcoming.

So, when are you planning to explore this hidden paradise of Asia?

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Sources: Uzbekistan.travel, Wandering Wheatleys, Kalpak-Travel

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