Watch: World’s Most Violent Countries

"There is no peace without war"

Our world is one that is littered with violence at every step of the way. The common folks have suffered every step of the way.

With each building block that has provided shape to our civilization, the blood of a thousand can be found drying underneath the debris. The hubris of the powerful few has suppressed the lives of the miserable many. 

Numerous such countries have faced the wrath of the said powerful few that has made their own nations suffer from the scourge of human misery.

The sufferance of being mortal is only brought to light when someone dies, and the sufferance of the downtrodden is only brought to light when a few thousand die. These places bring about a feeling of uncertainty and dread.

Unfortunately, it is never limited to mere dread. The lined up corpses remind us of a country that had probably been the cradle of human civilization, lay tattered right in front of our very feet. 

The following video will provide weight to the aforestated statements and provide you with a portal into our world, and the world is as harrowing as it gets.

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Sources: Human Rights Watch, Atlas and Boots, Relief Web

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