Indian Tech Entrepreneur Vinay Murarka has always taken pride in being part of a country like India and promoted the message of ‘vocal for local’. In support of this idea, he also launched the world’s first and only completely Hindi website https://मेरा.भारत in February 2021.

The young entrepreneur recently posted a tweet asking people to book a domain in any Indian local language to show solidarity. The tweet read, “It’s time to start doing business on .in and .भारत domains. Book your domain before anyone else. Domain booking available at”

Murarka, in an interview, expressed his views about the same and said, “I strongly believe that India should work on rebuilding its own identity instead of relying on the west. We need to feel pride in being a part of this country that shelters diverse people, who speak diverse languages and follow different cultures. Until and unless we are vocal about ‘what’s ours’, we can’t expect to compete with world leaders,” said Vinay who runs

He added, “I urge everyone to get theirs .भारत domains before others book it. It’s already trending now but I would love to see more people coming together.” is a website for domain bookings in any Indian local language including Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Odia, and Tamil among many others. is accredited registrar for ‘.in’ and ‘.भारत’ domains, appointed by the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI).



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