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Where Does Modi 2.0 Stand In The Area Of Climate Change?

BJP’s 2019 manifesto and other declarations It is for the first time that climate change has featured in the...
shiv sena formation

बैक इन टाइम: शिवसेना के गठन को 53 साल हो गए हो गए

बैक इन टाइम, ईडी का अखबार जैसा कॉलम है जो अतीत की घटना की जानकारी देता है जैसे कि यह कल ही...
Asexuals Discriminated

Is LGBTQ Community Not Being Hypocritical By Making Asexuals Feel Left Out?

It might be hard to believe but asexuals in the LGBTQ community are oftentimes discriminated and not included in it.  The LGBTQ community has had...