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Samajwadi Smartphone > Safety And Development In Akhilesh Yadav’s UP

Akhilesh Yadav, CM of Uttar Pradesh has now launched the ‘Samajwadi Smartphone Yojna’, under which an individual would get a smartphone if they are- above 18, earn less than 6 lacs per annum and is a class 10 pass out.

Though the phones will only be available after UP elects its new government next year, this announcement came before the 2017 elections.

I would like to point our that Mr. Yadav has done many things for Uttar Pradesh. Where all the other states are going gaga over gauraksha, Mr. Yadav refused to entertain any racial discrimination. Today in UP, a buffalo is as safe as a cow. The only thing that is needed for a buffalo to get security is to have relations with Azam Khan.

This is not the first time Mr. Yadav is doing such a thing, he also gave out free laptops to promote the use of technology in education and to increase the exposure of students. This plan worked brilliantly. As the students who initially barely knew anything other than the Bhojpuri films are now perfectly at ease with the world of Hollywood movies.

And the students who were from villages where there was no electricity, well they sold their laptops, therefore earning some money.

A win-win for everyone involved.

It is only a coincidence that all these fulfilled promises were the most popular among other not so important ones like development, reduction in crimes, women safeguard, etc.

It was also a coincidence that elephant was Mayawati’s party symbol when she went on to build the lavish Ambedkar Park in Lucknow which is full of elephant sculptures. So, see guys, by spending crores on these parks where a Dalit would seldom go, she meant to uplift the Dalits.

You all are getting the irony right?

Anyways at that time, Bahen Kumari Mayawati had truly uplifted the bar of promotion of her party, if not the social status of Dalits. But this promotion had an adverse effect on public. It was the main reason why Mayawati, who won 206 seats in 2007 was restrained to 80 in 2012 elections and SP won 224 seats with a clear majority and 127% increase in seats.

Mayawati lost the elections due to controversies like that of the garland which was made up of 1000 rs notes, an IAS officer touching her feet and many such ‘theocratic’ events.

Image Source: BCMTouring


The people of UP then thought that Samajwadi Party (SP) would make a difference in coming years. So they elected them. The poster below was the agenda of SP at that time.

Source: SP’s Official Website

Commenting on the above poster would be unnecessary. It says it all. Judge for yourself what SP has done in their time other than changing the name of UPTU aka GBTU to APJ Kalam Technical University.

Samajwadi Party’s considerable amount of Yadavs in the administration and failure of many of its infrastructure projects that were promised, not taking off have not helped it to grow its popularity.

Another problem in SP is the crisis between the Yadavs that surfaced up quite recently. The party has been divided into two groups: the oldies and the youngsters.

The way SP managed the Muzaffarnagar riots, has further reflected its inadequacy.

This party also has a self-proclaimed potential prime minister of India- Azam Khan, who is famous for his controversial remarks.

State elections are coming in 2017. SP still has almost a year left in its tenure. Let’s see if it can change its image and fulfil other promises as well.

And if it fails, then one can always say, “center ne paise nahi diye, nahin to hmare projects kaafi pahele ho jate”.





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