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Ratan Tata and Amir Khan Both Called India Intolerant: So What’s The Difference?

Ratan Tata while attending the 119th foundation day function of Scindia School in Gwalior, Rajasthan gave a short speech to the students there.

A quote in that speech was “I think everybody knows where the intolerance is coming from, what it is. Like many thousands, millions of Indians, one wants to see a country without intolerance.”

Adding he said “The Maharaja (Jyotiraditya) talked about intolerance. It is a curse we are seeing of late.” In his speech, Tata also mentioned that “We want to live in an environment where we love our fellow men. We don’t shoot them, we don’t kill them. We don’t hold them hostages but give a bit of ourselves and we give and take.”

Hmmm… now where have I heard of this before?

Who else has called India intolerant?

Oh yes, that is right, it was our very own Mr. Aamir Khan.

He also got a lot of negative and frightening backlash for his comments.

But here is Mr. Tata who has made if not exactly the same but almost similar comments, wherein Ratan Tata is commenting on the intolerant nature of India.

So far, I have not seen the backlash be as strong as with Aamir Khan, and even if people are disagreeing with him, at least from what I have seen, it has all been extremely tame and lest I say respectful even.

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So What Is The Difference?

I know some people are going to say that it was a religion thing and that Aamir Khan was targeted because he is a muslim and what not.

Let me clear it up right now, that that is not true.

I don’t believe that Aamir Khan got such a strong reaction due to his surname, but I believe that it was much more simpler and almost hilarious fact that did him in.

Public speaking.

Yup guys, it was public speaking and the way he worded his statement that made all the difference.

Haven’t we all experienced those times when 2 people are speaking of the same thing, but the group being addressed is more receptive to only one of them?

That is because the way that person is speaking, although on the same topic, hitting the audience in a more positive and stronger manner than the other one.

That I exactly what happened here too.

Both Tata and Khan are talking of the same thing, but where Aamir Khan said it in a way that targeted the Indian people only, and put himself above the others, using words like my wife is scared to open the newspaper and all. Ratan Tata on the other hand sort of unified the country the in his statement. He put everyone at the same level and almost implied that we all are intolerant.


Ratan Tata’s Work For India Speaks For Itself

Another reason that people are reacting so differently to Ratan Tata’s statement might be because Tata’s work sort of speaks for itself.

Whether it be during the 26/11 attacks where Tata supported and helped with the reconstruction of the Taj attacks and even helped out the victims of the attack.

Even right now, for being such a low profile person, he himself tweeted about the Surgical Attacks.

And not to be pointing fingers but where was Aamir Khan during all of this?

Apparently, he can tweet about his films and their poster and trailer, but cannot send out a small tweet offering condolences to the Indian Army martyrs who died in the Uri Attack?

Now, let me say it again that this article is not to targeting Aamir Khan, bashing him or calling him anti-national. I am sure he loves his country, but I also believe that as a celebrity, as a public figure he has some responsibility to carefully measure his words when speaking or giving an interview.

Neither is he a young kid, who doesn’t know how to handle himself in the public, nor is he an idiot.

But the extreme difference of reaction of the public to Ratan Tata and Aamir Khan’s statements should sort of be an indicator, shouldn’t it?

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