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Now Your AI Avatar Will Go On A Date For You; Here’s What It Means

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We might not realise it, but artificial intelligence (AI) already influences many aspects of our daily lives. It determines what we see in our social media feeds, the shows we watch, the food we crave, and even the music we enjoy. 

Soon, AI could also revolutionise the way we socialise, potentially even helping us find our life partner. Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder of Bumble, has revealed plans to integrate AI ‘concierges’ into the dating app to streamline the process of finding meaningful relationships.

AI in Dating

The concept behind AI concierges in dating apps is to minimise the exhaustive process of matching by having AI ‘go on dates’ with other AI concierges. These AI concierges would act as personal assistants, taking on the initial steps of the dating process on behalf of the user. They would interact with other AI concierges, essentially going on virtual dates to evaluate potential matches. 

After filtering through numerous profiles and interactions, the AI concierges would then present a shortlist of highly compatible matches to the user. 

This approach aims to reduce the number of meaningless matches and help users find potential real-life dates more efficiently. “You don’t have to talk to 600 people. It will go scan all of San Francisco for you and say, ‘These are the three people you really ought to meet.’ That’s the power of AI when harnessed the right way,” said Herd at the Bloomberg Technology Summit.

This innovation could revolutionise the dating landscape by focusing on quality over quantity. Instead of spending hours swiping and chatting with numerous potential matches, users could rely on AI to filter out unsuitable candidates. This not only saves time but also reduces the mental fatigue associated with online dating, making the experience more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

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Mental Health Benefits

Bumble promotes AI as a tool to protect users’ mental health. The app’s statistics show that more than 58 percent of singles are more open about their mental health with friends, family, and partners. By letting AI handle mediocre dates and sift through unsuitable matches, users can focus on meaningful interactions, potentially improving their dating experience. 

Additionally, 31 percent of people now consider ‘slow dating’- a method that emphasises quality over quantity when looking for a significant other.

The use of AI in dating apps can alleviate the pressure and emotional toll of the dating process. By taking on the initial vetting process, AI allows users to avoid the repetitive cycle of disappointment and exhaustion that often comes with online dating. This can lead to more genuine connections and better mental well-being for users, as they can engage in the dating process with renewed energy and optimism.

Concerns and Challenges

Despite the potential benefits, concerns about data breaches and safety remain. There have been instances where dating apps revealed users’ exact locations, raising privacy issues. 

Moreover, one in three dating app users has reported experiencing racial discrimination and fetishization. The question remains whether AI will mitigate or exacerbate these problems. Public opinion is divided, with some users excited about the efficiency AI could bring, while others worry about privacy and ethical implications.

AI in dating also raises questions about the authenticity of connections. While AI can streamline the matching process, it may also reduce the human element that is crucial for genuine relationships. 

Users might become overly reliant on technology, potentially leading to a superficial understanding of compatibility. Additionally, the ethical implications of AI making decisions about personal relationships need to be carefully considered to ensure that these technologies are used responsibly.

User Perspectives

Users have mixed feelings about AI’s role in dating. Iqra, a user for over a year, supports the idea, “Online dating is an energy-consuming and tiring task. If AI concierge can cut out this draining step, why not opt for it?“.

On the other hand, Adrien, a newcomer to online dating, expresses caution, “It’s crucial to maintain a balance between technological assistance and genuine human connection“.

Mukul sees AI as an extension of current practices, “The matches anyway ‘match’ on the basis of so-called mutual interests and looks. Let AI do it too. You’ll assess that match after interacting with the person“. These varying perspectives highlight the potential of AI to transform the dating experience, while also emphasising the importance of maintaining human oversight and personal judgement in the process.

As AI technology advances, innovative ideas like AI concierges in dating apps will emerge. Whether society will fully accept and embrace these changes remains an open question. While AI promises efficiency and mental health benefits, it also brings privacy and ethical concerns that need to be carefully considered.

AI could significantly influence the future of dating, but the balance between technological assistance and genuine human connection must be maintained. By addressing the challenges and concerns associated with AI in dating, we can harness its potential to improve the dating experience while safeguarding personal privacy and authenticity.

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