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NEET PG AIR 2 Doesn’t Get His Desired College

Have you ever given NEET or watched the news regarding people who have given NEET? Well, if you have, then you must know that it is a tough examination, one of the toughest maybe, that is required to be cracked by medical aspirants for getting admission on undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The NEET scheme was introduced by the government. Before that, All India Pre-Medical Test was in place, which was replaced by NEET in 2013.

NEET is a highly competitive exam, both on undergraduate and postgraduate level and several people are even commit suicide under the pressure of the exam. The seats are scarce and the exam givers drop year after year to be able to find a place in a good government medical college.

It must be natural to think that a person getting a rank amidst top 5 students should be getting the college of his choice. However, it isn’t true.

A recent situation has come to light where NEET-PG 2021’s AIR 2, Arjun Kumar Agarwal, failed to find a place in his desired college in the first cut off. How is this possible, one must think. Well, this happened because of the new reservation policy that has been implemented in the NEET PG admission.

What Happened?

Recently, Arjun Kumar Agarwal, who bagged the second rank in the NEET-PG exam of 2021, took to Twitter when he couldn’t find a suitable place for himself at two colleges where he had filed interest as an applicant. These colleges include MAMC Delhi and KEM Mumbai, where he was aspiring to undertake his master’s in dermatology.

As per his tweet, he couldn’t get a place in the college of his choice because of the reservation policy. He claimed that due to the reservation policy, there were no seats left for the general category and he was finally denied admission.

This tweet comes after several students vocally protesting against the new reservation policy pertaining to NEET PG.

Reservation And NEET PG

The new policy states that

  • other backward classes would be entitled to 27 per cent reservation
  • economically weaker sections of the society will get 10 per cent reservation
  • scheduled castes will get 15 per cent reservation
  • scheduled tribes will get 7.5 per cent reservation and
  • Public Works Department will get a 5 per cent reservation.

This has reduced the number of seats available to general category students.

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Factually, there are 4 seats available in the KEM Mumbai for a postgraduate degree in dermatology. Despite reservation, at least one seat would be available for general category students. In MAMC Delhi, there are 3 seats available for students wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree in dermatology and despite reservation, at least one seat would be available sans reservation.

In addition to this, the list of allotments states that AIR 70, who is a general candidate, has bagged a place in MAMC Delhi for an MD in Dermatology through the state AQI quota. Same for AIR 312 who got a seat in KEM with the AQI quota.

The AQI quota is for state students and exists in each and every course.  I agree that for completely general candidates without any sort of reservation, this becomes a problematic situation. 

Though the number of seats available in the general category are less, the other seats are provided to reserved categories for either their contribution in nation-building or because of their social and economic status that would have otherwise hindered their admission in prestigious institutes of India.

The fact remains that seats for general candidates are less because seats are less. The universities and the governments haven’t added more seats to courses, which leaves the students vulnerable and fighting over a few seats. 

Reservation has been a part of the Indian Constitution for a long time and scrapping it all of a sudden will result in widespread uproar and unrest. It should be reduced in a phased manner so that the skills of a profession are retained and the weaker sections of the society are also integrated into the system. 

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Sources: Times of India, Hindustan Times, Tribune India

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