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September 20: In this era, digital promotion services in India have been booming for the last ten years. Nowadays, digital marketing is one of the demanded skills in the field of marketing. However, the real achievement is when someone manages to achieve this feat of starting their entrepreneurial journey and set a benchmark. Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry, and restricting it to some fixed regions will not be the right thing to practice. But if the person turns around the table with hard work and dedication, then there is no turning back to reach your goal. Most companies and businesses are shifting their base to digitalization as it provides all kinds of facilities and features for businesses to develop. Here, let’s talk about the face of Digital SuggesterOne of the best innovative techno-friendly digital marketing agencies. 

We are talking about Mohd Asim Khan, founder of Digital Suggester. He is a digital marketing expert who reached the pinnacle of success within five years of experience in the marketing field. He is the head of digital marketing at digital suggesterThe agency has digital marketing experts with over ten years of experience who can handle from social media posts to your business website. They are famous for taking their client’s business to next level with an online presence. Mohd Asim Khan’s skills are management strategy, operations department, client relations, brand strategy, organizational design and marketing, and growth consultant for his clients and brands. 

Overall with the help of the Internet, anyone can start their dream journey in the marketing field. But for Mohd Asim Khan, the journey to becoming a digital marketer was full of ups and downs. His struggles and failure of results gave him a glance at the reality of failure. But Mohd Asim Khan proved his worth to become a successful digital marketer. He provides the most incredible technique and strategies based on his skills and resources. His grit and determination have taken him from being a B.com bachelor to digital marketing. That makes him a champion in this field. 

One of his accolades and recent accomplishments is to generate a business of 15 Lakhs rupees for a startup. He carried a unique point of view with his mantra of building a brand “stay unique to stay in the game”. Mohd Asim Khan created a persona for a better understanding of the client and analyzed the code to company requirements by providing Facebook campaigns to generate leads. His agency doesn’t believe in selling services. Instead, they put in 100% hard work with seamless customer support to their clients. Even if an idea is small, his digital suggester agency experts, along with him, create a big brand out of it. Some of the services they offer are website designing, SEO &SMM developments, Graphic designing, Google analytics, Social media marketing, etc. 

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To generate quality leads, he provides different marketing strategy campaigns and supervises the campaign. 

Mohd Asim Khan’s main motto is to explore the world with his innovative ideas and creativity. By intermingling his creative abilities, and pursued his dream goal. His passion and urge to achieve something have made him come far to become the owner of Digital SuggesterComing from a small town in Uttar Pradesh to Chandigarh, who would have thought that Mohd Asim Khan will be the entrepreneur of two successful startups of his own one day. He believes in being passionate about work which is why his clients were impressed with his creative abilities and excellent work. His approach to any work is to go consistent and methodical with any problem so that the brand or a project can become successful at both personal and professional levels. 


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