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Know All About Warm Banks And Why So Many Of Them Are Opening Up In UK

Like food banks that help underprivileged people to fill their empty stomachs, similarly many places in the UK have taken the initiative to open “warm banks” that will help people survive the winter when they can’t afford to buy heaters.

Among thousands of other residents all over the UK, Kenneth Gibson has opened his first warm bank in St Mary Magdalene’s Church in Dundee, Scotland. In an interview with the local newspaper, Mr. Gibson said, “I hate the cold. I can handle being hungry but not being cold. I just hate the thought of people sitting freezing.” 

What Is Exactly A Warm Bank? 

Warm banks are like spacious chambers where one can warm themselves free of cost, in this cold chilly winter. These are designed especially for the underprivileged citizens of the UK, who do not have the money to afford heaters in their homes. 

Being the rector, Kenneth Gibson opened a warm bank in his church, but others have set up warm banks in community centers, art galleries, libraries, and other public places. 

Warm banks were an initiative taken up by councils, charities, and community groups all over the UK with the motive of helping poor people put up with the high rising price of energy. 

Coping With Rising Energy Bills

On October 1st, 2022, energy rates were increased by 80% in the UK. It is at the highest rate as per the default tariffs. Household electricity bills have also gone up in the EU this year. 

Thus, affording heaters at home has become a hitch for average citizens. Warm banks are a solution to cope with these rapidly rising energy prices. 

John Cotton, the city councilor of Birmingham, stated in an interview with the Local Democracy Reporting Service, “We want to help people to find places where they will be welcomed, free of charge.

As a council we will then work with our partners across the city to identify gaps in provision and find solutions to fill them. It should not be the case that people cannot afford to keep their homes warm, but that is the reality that we are facing here in Birmingham.”

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More Than 3000 Warm Banks Have Been Launched 

About 3000 or more warm banks have been established according to the reports on the website of the Warm Welcome Campaign and they are widespread all over the UK. 

Birmingham has listed around 100 warm banks. Fred Ratley, a coordinator of the Birmingham Poverty Truth Commission, told the journalists, “There was talk of eight, then 100 – now we think there will be hundreds.” 

Other major cities in the UK like Glasgow, London, and Bristol have also launched several warm banks and they are broadcasting about these banks all over Twitter. 

A long-term solution to coping with the increasing energy bills would be switching to low-carbon energy at home. The government is of the opinion that by 2030, 95% of energy will be low-carbon energy. However, the warm banks are a noble initiative taken up by the UK government to help its citizens survive this winter. 

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