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Here Are 5 Movies That Gave Us All An Existential Crisis

Movies are fun to watch....until they hit you hard and you have an existential crisis, Here are my 5 movies that gave me just that.

Disclaimer: Originally published in August 2017. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

Anyone that knows me –knows that I #!$%@$ love movies. Probably because I make it a point to tell them. Hmmm…

From my years of painstakingly watching, reviewing, and cataloguing movies, I sometimes stumble upon something worth losing some sleep over.

It’s fantastic to know that my fellow film-buffs, movie-enthusiasts, cinephiles, what have you, share my sentiment.

So here are 5 movies that gave us all an existential crisis. You gotta love those, am I right?

5. Office Space

High school: “This movie is hilarious. I like the part with the gangster rap and when they destroy the printer”

College: “This movie is still great, it’s a great satire that has some solid jokes.”

3 Years into Corporate Life: “Oh god. Oh god. It’s happening to me. It’s all real. My life is an endless meaningless void that can only be cured with theme restaurants and overpriced cocktails”


Those of us that have done a few internships in the big-bad-corporate world can agree. Sigh

4. Into The Wild

“Into the wild changed me as a person. That movie made me passionate about life and made follow my dreams. After the movie I went for a walk, I hadn’t left the house for weeks and that night I needed that walk. I bought the book next day. From a depressed fat person I began cycling and other outdoor activities and now I am as healthy as I ever been.”


Good for you ver5uz! I should probably do something meaningful too…

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3. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

“I think it was supposed to be a quirky, slightly hopeless romance, but after it was done I went into a state of realizing how finite our time is here and how little time we spend loving the people around us and relishing the experience of being alive.

I probably looked a little suspicious for a week, snuggling up with my dad in front of the tv, telling my twin sister how much I love her, petting my dog for hours just to memorize how her fur feels, and spending time with the girl I fancy getting to really know her. I was internally freaking out, thinking what I would do if I had just a handful of days left, and wondering why I wasn’t doing those things right this fucking minute

Pros: food tasted better, music sounded new, relationships improved a lot, new energy to pursue my dreams

Cons: waking my family up in the middle of the night just to hold their hand because I get panic attacks from realizing how little time I have with them.”


*Calls mom*

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

“I got dumped on the way home from the cinema after watching this.”


Ouch! Cue 808s and Heartbreak. Actually, that is completely ruthless :(

Almost admirable if it wasn’t so sadistic. Dear stranger, I can offer you nothing except fake internet points and good vibes. Hope you are better now, Kateskayt, where you are.

1. Fight Club

“It made me realize how little I pay attention to the way others see me. Not in a superficial way, i.e. the clothes I wear and the way I present myself, but who I really am and the way the things I say and do affect and are perceived by other people. I realized I come off as a totally different person than I think I do. Everyone thinks they’re the good guy and they can do no wrong in their own mind. This film made me realize that even though I really think I am kind and caring deep down, I come off as an asshole to a lot of people. Really fucked me up for a while but I really think my inner self is getting more in touch with the person I am to everyone else.”


So there you have it. Lots to pond over. And if you haven’t seen these gems yet, well you are my today’s 10,000.

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