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Grab Your Favourites Starting From ₹50 As The 25th New Delhi World Book Fair Approaches Its End


The World Book Fair is in its 25th edition and is grander than ever. Breaking records of highest ever footfall in its history, The World Book Fair 2017 sold more than 75,000 tickets on one of the days of the much awaited international affair.

The New Delhi World Book Fair is organized by National Book Trust (NBT) in association with India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO) at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Attracting more than a million visitors every year, this book fair has marked a 25% hike in the number of attendees as compared to last year.


Grander than ever

Demonetisation or not, the number of visitors attending The New Delhi World Book Fair has only risen since last year
Demonetisation or not, the number of visitors attending The New Delhi World Book Fair has only risen since last year


Every year The New Delhi World Book Fair invites thousands of participants and provides them a platform to reach out to its customers in a simple and hassle free way. The exposure is huge since attendance has been increasing ever since its launch in the year 1972.

Owing to the large footfall, the management needs to put in extra efforts to uphold the status of an international book fair. To cater to its ever increasing number of attendees, several measures such as regular appointment of check posts to avoid congestion at the fair have been maintained. The budget has allegedly been improved, overwhelming the organisers since the effects of demonetization were hardly witnessed at the book fair.


The theme of this year celebrates women

The wave of female empowerment has never achieved such substance as it has garnered right now. Amid that environment, the theme of the book fair was announced as ‘Manushi’ that roughly translates to women in English.

This year’s theme focused primarily on writings on and by women, and revolved around promoting the women writings from ancient times. The entire theme was a way enlightening the youth about the role of women in India’s culture and tradition.


Cheap, second hand books took the limelight

The New Delhi World Book Fair 2017
The New Delhi World Book Fair 2017


What shook the people most were the impressive quality, second hand books that were available at the book fair. Starting from ₹50, these book collections amassed huge number of visitors owing to their cheap price and very maintained quality.

These stands comprising of old books gave a sharp competition to several publishing giants. People loved the ability to afford their favourites for such a reduced price and applauded the arrangement of the book fair. Although, some were not impressed with the unavailability and limited stock of exclusive books for which they’d come for. Well you know what they say, “Finders keepers, losers’ weepers.”


So go grab your favourite from the World Book Fair, and if not at least go out and take a look at the grandest book event of the country because its awesome. Experience the enchanting smell of new books, the company of devoted bibliophiles, and who knows you might even end up befriending someone from your devoted fandom as well. So rush, rush, rush.

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