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Friendly Fridays chapter 6; Shivamm Paathak


A picture is worth a thousand words, so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a photographer seemingly becomes the “author” of a beautiful piece of art. Photography in its own sense is an art which is one of the most powerful tools in bringing a change or impacting the society. An art that transcends all boundaries by generating a unifying emotion!


We welcome “Shivamm Paathak who has been evoking such emotions for the past four years.  He is here with us today for the 6th edition of our “Friendly Fridays”. He is currently pursuing Fashion, Media and Communication from the Pearl Academy of Fashion, Delhi. Really passionate about clicking conceptual shots, Fashion and Fine Arts photography, he recently covered the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week in Delhi


ED Team: What intrigued or inspired you to capture life in a camera?

Shivamm Paathak: Photography holds a very important part in my life. I like doing photography, shoots for people, and aim to earn a career in photography. I just love capturing things which catch my eye. I always keep my camera with me.

Starting from a phone camera nearly 5-6 years back I got crazy about clicking photos. Finally, a cousin who lives in Canada gifted me a nice LG camera. That camera became my childhood toy and I clearly remember that it could only click 4 pictures at a time with that. So photography goes a long way back in my life and holds a very special place in my heart!


ED Team: We know you like to do Fashion photography and different types of art work to your pictures? Who has been your inspiration behind your work?

Shivamm Paathak: I am greatly inspired from international photographers, including big shots like Nick Knight and Annie Leibovitz. Nick inspires me by his colours and photos. Annie Leibovitz’s editorial shoots and the way she uses light to set off things are just amazing. I believe Gregory Crewdson, is the god of stage-up photography and nobody can use the stage the way he does; he is just beyond everybody’s imagination. He gives a cinematic touch to his pictures. I also like many Indian photographers like Prabhu Das Gupta, Bharat Sikka Tarun Khiwal for the simplicity of their work. I also like Anushka Menon’s work.


ED Team: Do you think people are born with some special kind of ‘third eye’ for photography or are it like wine, gets better with age?

Shivamm Paathak: Haha, I don’t really think that people are born with an eye for photography; it is something which is acquired over time and has to be learnt with, experimentation and mastering the technique. For e.g. a musician makes music by the way he perceives things from his surroundings and nature, similarly a photographer improves day by day by the way he takes his surroundings and turns it into something mind-striking for his viewers. The mental aura of people around him makes it important. Personally I believe that the two E’s- Experiment and Experience are the biggest source of learning and every picture has a story to tell!!


ED Team: Has your situation on the parental front been ‘Just Do it’ or have you been given the “What are you doing with your life” talks followed by a string of “I won’t stay in this house” arguments?

Shivamm Paathak: Haha! (Chuckles) For me it has definitely been, “Just do it, we are with you!” My parents are very supportive and believe that I should do whatever I like. They never force me to do anything which I don’t like or don’t want to do. Earlier I had an interest in music and I used to play the guitar but gradually I shifted from music to photography and my parents supported me and backed my decision. I feel this has boosted my confidence. I think parental support can make or break one’s confidence. Life is complex and full of obstacles, it really pays to know the people you come home to believe in what you do.


ED Team: Any advice to the young budding photographers reading this, on getting their ‘angles’ right?

Shivamm Paathak: Frankly, I am no one to give an advice as I am also learning each day and learning from each mistake. Every click makes us something and teaches us something. Some people give importance to the camera for clicking a picture but, it’s not only about having a camera, a person needs to have an eye for a good picture. A picture I basically your own perspective on how you see the world, I believe that behind every good picture there is a good eye and not a good camera.



ED Team: Tell us one quote that you’d like to have framed and hung on your wall, I mean besides your photographs?

Shivamm Paathak: I haven’t actually got a quote to hang on my wall, but there is this one belief that keeps me going!  Patience is the key to success and hard work always pays off. Always keep money and fame secondary and focus on doing hard-works. There is no short-cut to anything in life.


 ED Team: Indeed, there is no short-cut to anything in life. Do you think Team Friendly Friday’s efforts will pay off?

Shivamm Paathak:  Most Definitely, you guys are off to a great start. It is a very good concept, especially for youth, an opportunity to showcase your talent on such a big platform. I have been reading this section regularly and will be eagerly waiting for the next artist on your blog.


Recently Shivam’s film got shortlisted for the top 50 films in the Viacom-18 Cineshots Festival. Do watch the trailer of his film below! It will definitely blow your mind!


You can know more about him and follow his work by clicking on the following links-



Facebook Page-  https://www.facebook.com/shivampathakPhotography?ref=hl

500Px- https://500px.com/ShivamPathakSp




Team ED



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