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Friendly Fridays Chapter 32: Upasana Makati

Howdy guys!

This week on Friendly Fridays we have with us, none other than, Ms. Upasana Makati!

Yes, you guessed it right she is the mastermind behind India’s first English Lifestyle magazine in Braille.

She is the founder and publisher of ‘White Print Magazine’ who is based in Mumbai. And trust me, you, we had so much fun interacting with her!

So here’s a sneak peek into Ms. Makati’s life!

Team EDEveryone knows you as ‘the girl behind India’s first English lifestyle magazine in Braille’ but who IS Upasana Makati when she is not this phenomenal woman?

Upasana Makati: Doing nothing ground breaking! Let’s not consider a monthly lifestyle magazine phenomenal. It was long over due. :)

But yes, I’m either humming my favourite composition by Kavita Seth, reading Rumi’s poetry or just being among people I love. Can’t do without any of this!

Team ED: What made you come up with this idea?

Upasana Makati: It was a quiet dark night when I was simply reviewing my day. A worrying thought about what the visually impaired read came to my mind and I immediately picked up the phone to share my concern with a few friends and also researched online. I also spoke to a lot of people from the visually impaired community with the help of the National Association for the Blind. When I didn’t come across even one monthly English Braille publication I was convinced I would quit my job and began the process of starting a monthly lifestyle magazine in Braille.

Team EDWhat troubles did (do) you face whiles getting your magazine in place? Was being a woman any cause of the troubles?

Upasana Makati: I never consider being a women a negative facet. In fact it’s my strength.

No new idea can be implemented without challenges. Right from the day I quit my job there were hurdles that came forth. It started with people telling me why would I leave a comfortable job and take a risk to getting the title White Print registered. White Print isn’t a charity venture. We run on advertising revenue and hence convincing corporates to explore Braille advertising with us has been a great challenge.

Team ED: Did you have a back up plan in case this would not turn our the way it did?

Upasana Makati: People who believed in me and my idea always told me I never needed a planB . Their rock solid support helps me deal with every hurdle patiently.

Team EDWhen not working how do you spend your time?

Upasana Makati: I love Sufi music. All my free time is either spent listening to my favourite music or doing myriyaaz.

Team EDWhat is the craziest thing that you have done?

Upasana Makati: Canoeing in Toronto, Cananda

Team EDDo you believe in karma? In the sense that do you feel doing such a noble thing would get back to you in the form of karma?

Upasana Makati: I believe in karma but do not believe in doing something with a motive of getting back. I didn’t start White Print with an intention of getting something in return. There are days and months that are tough in the life of an entrepreneur. For me, the calls, messages and feedback I get from my readers is where I derive my inspiration from. It makes bad days seem beautiful!

Team ED: Lastly, please give aspiring entrepreneurs some tips. Upasana Makati’s success mantra, please? :)

Upasana Makati: Anything that stops you from following your dreams should be ignored. You don’t need to do charity. It is great to execute a business idea that helps you do good for the society and make it commercially viable.

Thank you so much Ma’am for taking out time and talking to us and our readers.

I am sure we would have a lot to take back from this conversation! :D

Before we wrap up here’s a short video- B for Braille for all of you who enjoyed this chat on your favourite Friendly Fridays! ;)

P.S: There’s a BIGGGG surprise for all of you next week here, so keep a look out. You might just catch the hint on Thursday itself ;) Adios…




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