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Former NDTV Employee Talks About Emotional Experience After Prannoy Roy Quits

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In a recent turn of events, Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy have both resigned from their posts as directors on the board of RRPR Holding Private Limited (RRPRH) with effect from November 29.

Prannoy Roy was the Chairperson with Radhika acting as Executive Director at NDTV and this news comes during Adani Group’s open offer to acquire New Delhi Television Limited or NDTV.

During all this, a LinkedIn user, Shutapa Pal, posted on their page writing “NDTV has fallen. Long live NDTV.” (Or at least what it stood for)

She began by saying that “Dr #PrannoyRoy resigning is the end of an era and an institution that marked Indian TV news. There’s no denying that Star News and later, NDTV, inspired a generation of young journalists. TV news was new and exciting, and all of us wanted a piece. New channels spawned off of NDTV, but the OG trudged along.”

Shutapa first talked about the nature of the news business and how while one wants to remain ethical, the cutthroat nature of it seldom allows one to be. She wrote

“News business is a tough business. There are many lessons to be learnt on how (not to) run a media organisation. It’s a challenge to ride the journalistic high horse and yet churn profits.

Today, you see many TV channels conveniently sidestepping ethics, journalistic code, heck, even humaneness, just for high TRPs. But the business is indeed that ruthless and survival is often doubtful without political and corporate patronage.”

She then reminices about her time at NDTV, and how even as a fresh entrant into the news industry, she felt comfortable at the media house.

“My first job, fresh out of journalism school, was with NDTV. I had my heart set on it. An internship converted into a job opportunity even though hiring was officially not happening. Hard work in NDTV was recognised, you could voice your opinions, have arguments with bosses on one day, and be friends the next.”

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“Most importantly, we could ‘question’ everything and learn a lot. There was no cringing at headlines, balking at fake news, or feeling uncomfortable at narratives that were set in the newsrooms.

But those were different times of journalism in India. I can’t speak for others but I felt that above all else, NDTV was good to its employees.

When I was there, there was a ritual of giving cars to employees who complete 5 years. At that time, owning a car was still an achievement. There were umpteen drops and pickups arranged for the staff.

The company helped and supported employees that needed it. An excellent insurance policy covering the family. There were parties and get-togethers, champagne and chocolate truffle cake in the newsrooms to celebrate a win.

But as a fresher, with a meagre salary, what I valued most were the meals! Expansive breakfasts, delicious tea-time snacks, and scrumptious dinners. All on the house!

Even lunch was sold at subsidized rates in the canteen. The only other media org that I knew of that did something similar was The Hindu and its South-Indian thalis @Re 1 (don’t know if that’s happening anymore).

Many people spent lifetimes at NDTV. Found partners, got married, some got their kids married. For others like me, who left after a few years propelled by ambition, the company still left an indelible mark.

I think fondly of the office at Archana Complex, the warmth of the people, and I hope that the new regime protects what the institution stood for and rebuilds what it has lost.”

Given all that is going on with NDTV currently, it is interesting to read this insider take at how the work culture was there and the memories people made as a part of it.

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