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Delhi And Its Delicacies

Everyone who has ever been to Delhi has never ever gone back without singing praises about its food. From the sky-high priced restaurants of South-Delhi to the local hawkers of West-Delhi, a foodie with any budget can find a plethora ways to satisfy his taste buds. Rightly said, Delhi is a Foodie’s Paradise.


Street Food Cravings:

This city is filled with street food and hawkers in every nook and corner, so those who are typically into street food, Delhi would be heaven on earth for you!

If you are craving for a crazy variety of chaat-pakori, paranthe and Jalebi then Chandni Chowk is the place to be for you! One can find the tastiest of all street foods among the congested lanes of Chandni Chowk. This place is compact, packed and is like a maze of narrow passages, but still who wouldn’t sacrifice a tad for the epic divine food offered here.

If you are in Old Delhi, you can definitely not miss out the Galli Paranthe Waali which offers you a wide range of crispy, soft and the most amazing paranthe! Other than this, Old Delhi is the most classic place to try out the sugary Jalebis, Kulfis, Alloo Chaats and Mutton Burra Kebab.


Luxury Dining:

For those who want to spend a hefty amount on dining, Delhi would never ever leave you disappointed and unsatisfied. From Bukhara’s lavish north Indian cuisine to a variety of exotic dishes at Travertino at The Oberoi, All this will give full justice to each and every buck you have paid.

Other than these, opulent dining includes the new buzz in town- Kainoosh; which offers you an array of Indian dishes to choose from. That’s not all, the ambience here is to die for!!



Best of Both worlds:

Delhi doesn’t disappoint any of its foodie, there are places for those who wish to eat out fancy without burning a hole in their pockets. These places are great for college going students who wish to enjoy the best of both worlds – Delicious food and an elegant ambience. Places like these include The Big Yellow Door, Khan Chacha, QD’s, My bar, Beeryani etc…



Other Cuisines to try:

If you don’t wish to have the monotonous Dal Makhni and Butter chicken or Chaat-pakori and instead want to try out new cuisines like Thai, Mexican or even Japanese, You can try out Fujiya for their amazing Sushis, Thai High or Soi Thai for their delectable Satays.


For the Calorie Conscious:

For the youth who is way too calorie-conscious these days, and the oily-fatty food doesn’t seem to excite them at all, they can head out to Lean Chef, Pita Pit or Salad Days. These places are a must go for all! Food here is healthy and mouth-watering. What else does anyone want now?



The new buzz:

The new shift of the youth is also towards the Cafes and lounges; From Hauz Khas Village to Cyberhub, You can find cafes and lounges everywhere which are packed with youngsters.



For the ones with a sweet tooth:

After having an exquisite meal, we all crave for something sweet. To battle situations like these, one can either drop in at any Kulfi-faluda wala which is relished by all or any other lavish, fancy dessert restaurant like Whipped, Haagen-Dazs, Krispy Kreme, Ooh Lala or the new in town: Big Chill Cakery.


Considering all these factors, Delhi since ages is known as ‘Delhi Belly’ simply because it leaves everyone’s belly content and fully satisfied by the impeccable variety and the wonderful taste!

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