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Crazy Yet Cool Innovations Of 2015

Every now and then we come across oodles of innovations. 2015 has also been a busy year for novelty when it comes to gadgets and other pieces of technology.

Innovations are an indication of development, progress and advancement. However, some may be useful, some may be not; but one thing is for sure, they all are fun to be familiar with.

So, here we bring to you a list of 5 such insane yet mind-boggling inventions of 2015.
These fine pieces will surely blow your mind!
Take a glance:

1) The Selfie Taking Drone –

Selfie lover? Well, this is the next big thing for you!
Meet Nixie, which is a small camera equipped drone that can be worn as a wrist band. This piece of excellence captures full HD images and videos. Above all, it also syncs with a Smartphone.
When the owner or wearer wants to use it, s/he simply presses a button and the drone unfolds and flies overhead. After tracking movements, drone then returns to the wearer’s wrist. And the best thing about this gadget is that this drone can also be controlled using timers and gestures.


2) Sense –

This is a sleep monitoring device which is latest in the world of sleep tracking devices. Gadgets like these claim to help improve the quality of your sleep.

This device has sensors inside of it that records sudden noise and measures light, temperature and humidity in the room as well as other factors that can affect sleep.

For instance, if you slept poorly around 3am, Sense will be able to tell you the cause of it.
This is a great device for all the people out there who just can’t sleep well.

3) Magical Desk Microwave –

This device pretty much looks like a printer but obviously, is not a printer. It is a magical microwave which heats up the food from your desk and even plugs into your computer. Plugging it into the PC will give you information about on how long your food has left to cook.

Well, it is not a very healthy thing for all the weight watchers but can also be very helpful when you’re working late.

4) StoreDot Flash Battery –
what is the one problem we all face each day? NO BATTERY IN OUR PHONES! And what is the main feature that we look for in every phone? A LONG BATTERY LIFE!
Well now, problem solved!
This is a device which claims to charge your Smartphones in under 60 seconds. It’s called the StoreDot Flash battery and charger.
This is undoubtedly one product which can change everyone’s lives and make it so much easier!

5) Stridalyzer Smart Insoles –
These days we have tons of devices which help us track and monitor our fitness. But this is something which stands out of the crowd.
Smart Insoles have sensors inside of them which when placed in your trainers will give you a very accurate breakdown of your running performance.
These retail for $90 and can be purchased through Kickstarter.
Also, it gives you plenty of tips to improve your running performance and helps you avoid injuries even before they occur.

I personally loved the Selfie Drone, and being someone who loves to get clicked, I will surely go for NIXIE.

Out of all these, comment below and tell us which invention tickled you the most!

Image Credits – Google Images



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