The Campus and Fashion Affair

By Kokil Sachdeva


I just realized that, there is something really wrong with my dictionary. For,  when I looked up for the synonyms of college, it showed weird words  like institution, association and a lot more, except a single word, the closest synonym to it: FASHION.

I may sound stupid, but then, college is all about fashion indeed. It is the time for you to know, how stupidly you had been dressing up since the last 12 years of school, including that weird school uniform (red polka dots, really?) Dressing up thus turns inevitable with the very first step on campus.

You want to keep up with trends, but also do not want stack of clothes to be thrown out the next season? You demand fashion, without compromising on comfort and affordability? I hear you. But before you know what you need to do, let’s work on what you never have to do while you stay on campus (not to do here means, never ever, even in your dreams).


  • Keep your stilettos at home. Yes, great shoes lift up your spirits, but if these lift you up to abnormally high altitudes, you just might make a fool of yourself. Your “sky’s-the-limit” attitude can rest for a while. Besides, comfort and stilettos are poles apart when it comes to college. For, you are here to tour and not to trip. Right?
  • Socks with sandals! A common sight on campus, which makes me go “Errhhh!, every time I spot it. To make things worse, I see socks of every kind. Stripes, polka dots, cartoons (Errrrrhhhh!, again).
    • Girls, you find it cute? I’m sorry. I find it insane. And dare you justify by saying “My feet get cold often” (complimented with a puppy face). Go get sneakers! Designers have been kind enough to come up with options.
  • Leggings. They are OK. Absolutely chic. Number of colours, fabrics, prints. But wait! Do I see a girl wearing a tank top with it? Or even worse, a crop top? Answer: Yes, I do.

And if you have been lucky enough not to spot those derrières up so close, trust me it’s pathetic. Your argument “I am skinny and I am thus eligible to wear these without covering my rear”. I am sorry girl. You need to go get a reality check. Leggings without a skirt, dress or a kurti, is the biggest fashion faux pas you can ever land up in. For, if it is not your fatty skin that gets noticed, it may be the outline of your underpants that do (Oops!).

  • Jewellery is good. It’s trendy, chic!
    • A long chain with your tank top: Perfect!
    • Bangles with your ethnic wear: Pretty!
    • Those ‘Jhumkas’: Adorable!
    • All of these, together: DISASTER!
    • Accessories are that part of fashion, which don’t always work in your favour. Until, of course, you know how to strike a balance. You may have a lot of collection, but you don’t need to show it all at once. Keep calm; you have 4 long years to flaunt. Wear thoughtfully.

This sums it up: The never to be committed fashion mistakes. And unfortunately, if you have had that face palm expression, all throughout, something is really very wrong. Calm down! It’s never too late for a fashion upgrade. And now is the time; when you know what to do, here is a quick campus style guide.

images(14) kokil                                                                             images

  • Own a lot of tank tops. Varying lengths and colours. Pair them with shorts, jeans, sweatpants, skirts and anything.
    • (Comfort: check, Fashion: Check, hotness: Double check)
    •  Letting your hair loose, is not the only campus hairstyle. A pony tail looks better indeed, especially when you have mid length hair. And for those days when nothing works out, don’t just give up saying that it’s a bad hair day. Try a messed up braid. It just can’t fail.
    • Own shoes. A lot of shoes. But don’t miss out on flip-flops. Going around campus with these is so much fun. But don’t wear them too often either. Wedges, boots, peep- toes: keep all options open.
    • Winters on campus? You need to own a blazer. Even a cotton blazer works wonders for summers. Own a basic black and at least one in hot pink, blue or grey.

And to end it all, compliment every look of yours with a smile. For this curve pushes fashion to an all new level.


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