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Am I Mature Yet? An Introspection

Because we could all use a little introspection from time to time.

I turned 22 exactly 17 days and 9 hours ago and exactly 0 of you guys wished me. But I’ll slide that for now.

Last night at dinner I had a very lively conversation with my mom about life, work, and everything else. During the course of said cheerful discussion she had a very incisive remark:

…aren’t you all mature now?

Aaand that’s when it finally hit me. I am 22. 23 is just on the horizon. So am I ready for “life”? Hmm, let’s see, shall we?


Every sensible, adult sounding person knows that it is critical to have a good handle over your finances. I have about $15K in student loans. I’ll be taking out another one shortly, and my latest visa statement is giving me a reason to drink. Which doesn’t help out at all because booze is so damn expensive in Canada.

On the bright side, I haven’t picked up a meth addiction yet. 10/10.


I am living with my parents this semester and they are kind enough to not charge rent. Free food, free lodging, what else could I want? See, I am already making sound financial decisions.

Yay, good for us buddy. I should probably change my bedsheet now though. Brb, mooooooooom

Healthy Relationships

I am a likable guy. At least I think I am. Oh btw old lady at the Eaton Center: if you are somehow reading this then I apologize. I was in a rush. I am not usually like that.

Right, so  I don’t have a sh*t list like Arya does. Yeah so far, so good. Plus, the barista at timmies hasn’t messed up any of my drink orders this month so I have that going for me. Yeah,  I’d say I have healthy relationships. This counts as one, right?



Been bulking since 95’. Enough said. My sister did gift me some workout gear though. Is she trying to tell me something????


Wrapping up an internship later this month. My boss seems to like me and my co-workers are a fun bunch of people. Plus, the company is still standing last time I checked. Which was just now actually. No seriously, I just googled it. It’s all good.

I could probably use some more money but who doesn’t want that? Maybe United’s CEO because that dude has balls. A big green check mark for me if I say so myself.


So there you have it folks, a tiny glimpse into my kicking-ass-and-making-stacks life. I’ll figure it out eventually. For now I am too busy making mistakes that will turn into epic memories down the line.

I need to have something fun for my grandpa stories, right?

How are you being mature and responsible this fine day? Let me know in the comment section below and help me feel better about myself. No seriously, I need it.

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