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7 Hilarious Things To Notice At Rajiv Chowk, The Juggernaut Metro Station Of Delhi Metro

If you’ve screamed “THIS IS SPARTAA” in your head every time you have to get off the metro at Rajiv Chowk metro station and if you’re guilty of having the overpriced coffee at one of the CCDs just because the amazing aroma of coffee tickled your nose, this article is totally for you.

Here’s presenting to you 7 things you tend to observe in the daily hustle-bustle at your very own Rajiv Chowk :

1. “The next station is Rajiv Chowk. The doors will open on the left. Please mind the gap.”

The amount of mental pressure on hearing this announcement is a thousand times more than the mental pressure before giving all the semester exams combined.

And all you can do after hearing this is BREATHE IN-BREATHE OUT-BREATHE IN-BREATHE OUT routine and leave it to destiny. (And of course to this huge mob of people which pushes you in or out of the metro every time!)

2. There’s always this one friend who waits near CCD

A lot can happen over a coffee and if that CCD is at Rajiv Chowk, A LOT OF CONFUSION!

Friend: “I’m waiting near CCD.”
Me: “Dude, there are quite a few of them here where exactly are you waiting?”
Friend: “My god! Don’t you see this big CCD outlet here, I am waiting near that one.”

And then you go WTF in your head, followed by the reaction :

3. “People, people everywhere, nor one to socialize”

Because we all feel like ancient mariners of the first world at Rajiv Chowk.

Whoever said that the world is at Sharda University in those commercials couldn’t be more wrong. It’s not at Sharda, it’s here at Rajiv Chowk. And when you look around you can (figuratively) see the average IQ falling at the station with every ringtone you hear or every guy you spot with those fake Ray Bans in zero sunlight.

You still don’t get my point? Please look around the next time you have the misfortune of being at Rajiv Chowk, all alone. *sigh*

4. Never ending queues

Be it the ones to board the metro or to get smart cards and tokens, the queues at Rajiv Chowk are never-ending. And god forbid if you find people with appalling smells and body odour while jostling for some space for yourself in the queue.

Remember how you learnt to hold your breath in those swimming classes? Time to put it to use!

Also, with every queue comes a queue breaker. These people are a special kind of species, they’d pretend to look super busy and engrossed in something and then cleverly make their move to reach in front.

You go, stranger uncle! Congrats on boarding the metro few seconds earlier than me, here have a cookie!

5. Thousands of people at Rajiv Chowk at once, that one person still asks YOU for directions

Suddenly, you’re the most important person on Rajiv Chowk helping people with ways to their destination and dilemma of whether to take the train towards Huda City Centre or Samaypur Badli.

Also, some of these people asking for directions are like those teenagers who consult you for advice but won’t take your advice anyway and then end up regretting their decision afterwards.

Stranger : “Hey, I have to go to Hauz Khas, which train should I board?”
Me : “I think towards Huda City Centre.”
Stranger : “Um no, towards Samaypur. Thanks anyway.”

Hey, random stranger good luck travelling the double from what you were supposed to travel in the first place!

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6. A couple having the time of their life

I don’t know how a place this crowded can be the favourite hangout spot for a couple? Be it those early morning rush hours to the office or those 1 or 2 o’clock, rare *comparatively lesser people at station* hour, you’ll always find couples walking hand in hand or worse sitting on the floor, giggling about IDK what, having a pleasant time and indulging in PDA.

In Phoebe’s Buffay’s voice, “AWW… GET A ROOM!!”

7. “HIIIIIII”, a familiar voice calling out your name

The world is actually very small and you realise it more often if you happen to be at Rajiv Chowk regularly.

You always come across familiar faces at Rajiv Chowk, be it acquaintances from school, people from society, or worse people you’ve heard about in conversations from friends (or stalked on Facebook!) Some of these people you’re able to dodge quietly…

..but then there are these few ones who ALWAYS spot you and then those forced conversations. BAM! You’re 10 minutes late yet AGAIN. (You took off from home on time? Doesn’t matter!)


All this being said we are still very thankful to Rajiv Chowk for making daily commuting easier and cheaper!

Ye padhke RAJIV CHOWK gaya.

(I’m sorry just had to crack that, just had to. HAHA!)

Image Credits: Google Images

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